Hi beautiful Soul,

my name is Natalie Esser. I´m a Soulutioner, what means I am assisting people to make connection with their soul and find out what might be the next step on their path. Each problem we have to face may serve us, when we find the core intend behind it. Many people may help you to fix an issue, but it will show up again and again, when the lesson behind it isn´t understood and transformed. I´m here to help you find your so(u)lution, so you may move on.

I love to see people thrive and evolve and I´ve created this blog to share a lot of insights, inspirations and informations to encourage you on your path.

All of my work is dedicated to bring in the new paradigm and to help others, so their path may unfold with more ease and joy. I love to inspire and uplift you, but you´ve got to walk on your own two feets. Noone can do it for you, but it´ll be my honour to assist you.

I´ve done this work in many lifetimes and been well-prepared for this important change on planet earth. I am highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive, what makes it easy for me to “tune in”. Mostly I am working directly at an energetic level, but I might use all Kinds of tools to assist you on your path. I´ve learned lots of methods, like astrology, matrix work and quantum healing, but my work is not about concepts but about practicality.

We must be able to live our truth, to really thrive in life.

I am also a member of the Sisterhood of the Rose and one of my specialities is to heal hearts. In this case I am guiding my clients to open up for the amazing loving and compassionate energies of mother  gaia. To be able to give and recieve love is key for your own stable connection to your own Soul Self.

In this blog I am sharing ideas, insights, perspectives that may be useful for your souls journey. Feel free to get inspired, to share my work, to play with it and make it your own version.


If you feel you want to book a private session, available in english and german, just check out my homepage http://soulutions.one/ Don´t hesitate to contact me for further information.





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