The inner light

Might be that todays solar eclipse has inspired me for this article. Or the unremittingly occuring chances to evolve, aka obstacles. They help me to see what really counts and what we really can rely on in life. The true core.

All that we experience in life is temporary, but we lunaticly identify with it. We believe that today will be somehow known. A job providing income, a mate, our friends, our roles in life, others roles in our life, we all count on them. To think we know what´s going on, to believe the stories in our mind, is the biggest illusion of them all. The mind, thinking he knows yesterdays news, so he knows what will be a given today. But that is just not true, as the mind is only recording the past, all he thinks he can rely on are just assumtions he´s making. The mind knows nothing, he´s just guessing.

So why do we ignore this fact? Because we search for safety and belonging and we invest our time and energy to build up our roles and relationships. Just to have all illusional safeties taken in an instant.

We come in naked and we go naked. That gives us a feeling of vulnerability, that we try to escape from, by building all these illusions of stability. And than comes a crisis and shakes us to the core. Nothing we believed in was real. The friend, the mate, the house, the job, health, wealth, security. All illusions are taken. And we are naked and vulnerable again.

And when nothing remains, we find the only thing that is forever and that really counts. The I AM. The eternal core. And he provides the only safety and belonging we´ll ever find or need. Just we forget our only true partner. Our eternal being. Noone can take it from us.

When the outer light is taken, the inner shines brightly.

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