Light is real. Shadows just seem to be.

Someone that for sure knew what he´s talking about, teached me that the closer you´re coming to the light, the bigger your shadow seems to be.

That´s been a very wise insight – but to live it and to face the shadow instead of playing hide´n seek is something different. I see that and honor the perfect timing for every souls journey.

The reason for this article is,  that everyone wants to be the light, but they all run when having to face their shadow. That´s the reason why the lightworker seem to be often even more distorted than the average sleepwalker on this planet. The shadow, ego (or however you name it) is the unwanted…but how can you live on this planet and have no shadow? And how can you claim to be a lightworker but still fighting the shadow? What do people expect of themselves?! We are living in duality, so they have to face shadows, that´s normal. And only humans make a big deal out of it. No tree has ever needed a therapy because of creating a shadow or having to face one. He also never blamed the sun to create the shadow. But “Lightworker” do that. They blame others to create their shadow or for having a shadow, always on the run to their next distraction, instead of turning around to watch their own and to realize how he is created. Its their own physical being, that is not in the light and therefore creates a shadow…as soon as it leaves darkness behind. Too funny.  The total denial of the “spiritual” people has to do with identification. As long as we identify with the light the shadow is an opponent. When we are the light, the shadow is just a temporary physical experience, holding no real substance. No blame, no shame, just peace.

This article holds a gift. It needs presence to understand this present. Not everyone is ready for that and that is fine, as only the divine knows the perfect point in time.

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