Venus retrograte = Time to heal your heart

At the moment Venus is going retro, what is a perfect time to heal old heartbreaks. Venus looking at the past doesn´t seem to fit to the other energies, many of them in Aries, wanting to initiate something new. But when we think about it again, it is making perfect sense. How often did we start anew just to recognize we´ve recreated our past?! So, this time we´ll be wiser and not take our unfinished business with us. Use the cosmic energies to move on, without your old burdens of guilt, shame, pain and conflict.

The place to heal your old wounds and heartbreaks you´ll find inside of you – nowhere else. You do not need the others forgiveness, excuse or evolvement to heal. No matter what you did to someone or what someone did to you, you can now decide to be free.

So often I´ve seen an endless repetition of hurt people that hurt people, life after life after life. And while the incarnated parts did horrible things to each other, the involved souls have always been connected in love. We come here to make experiences, to grow. When you cling on your past and repeat it you don´t. When you stay in the 3d perspective, you´ll find a hundred reasons to hurt and to be hurt. When you watch it out of the souls perspective you only find love. Love breaks every painchain.

Love also takes back your own power and your freedom and also hands back their power and freedom to the others. No matter what they do with it. Here is a trap for the lightworker: Yes, when you heal yourself it has an impact on the other, but it may nevertheless take five lifetimes until you can talk to each other in a constructive, loving way. Do not expect the other to evolve simultaneously. When it happens it is a beautiful wonder, but in most cases people still repeat their old patterns. That is something I had to learn myself the hard way. You are only responsible for your own evolvement. Do not allow others to slow down your own progress. You are free and they are free. That´s the real issue behind the retrograde Venus: Love yourself enough to set yourself and the other free. That topic might even get stronger next week, when Venus goes back into Piesces. Do not become a martyr out of love, do not buy into stuff like guilt, but instead resurrect out of love and become one with all that is.

When Love has healed your past, you´ll be ready to create a beautiful, new future. That´s what we came for. Everything is always working out perfectly well, when you go with the flow and  ride the heavenly energies with love and joy.

Shine your light!


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