Dare to bloom and trust nature

In the area where I live spring has already arrived. And of course not all is blooming at the same time, only a few trees have started to blossom by now. And while looking at it I had an insight. All in nature  is growing, blooming, coming to fruition at the perfect point in time. And this principle is working for all species on this planet.

So why do we, as humans, doubt that principle in our personal lifes? Why do we try to force others and ourselves to be or  have something that isn´t occuring naturally? We are really wasting our energies and bringing total distortion in our lifes.

Every 10 year old has been treated so often badly because he is “too small” or “too young”, that he than mistreats the 7 year old, ashaming him to be not as old or big as he is. Total distortion. Why do we try to be something we are not? See, it keeps us from enjoying what we truly are.

Think of a little boy, growing up in the distorted world we life in, trying to fit in, in this strange “mens world”. All men seem to be absolutely obsessive with numbers and unimportant details like their genitals. When the boy is told by another guy “Haha, you´ll never get any woman with that small penis” plus he listens to the adults saying “A rich man can have all the woman he wants” he really believes this nonsense. He than decides to become a bankmanager. Well he will work like crazy, attract greedy woman and he won´t feel happy for more than one day in a decade. And he will blame the woman and forget that it´s been him that chose this path. Cause inside of him lives an artist, a painter for example, that he never allowed to be and to thrive. And that artist would have been a lucky guy, enjoying life, having interesting friends, the woman would have loved him, cause as an artist he would have known how to handle a brush and woman love fantasy, emotions, colors and fun. But he never lived that potential, cause he believed the distorted point of view of all the other distorted people.

You know Hitler for example was an frustrated artist, that than tried to rule the world. And we just do not know what may be the unimportant, small details that make unhappy people create an unhappy life and as a summary an unhappy planet. When I look around I see so many people trying to compensate their shortcommings, instead of being happy with their beautiful gifts and talents and expressing them.

The best thing everyone of us can do is to be as healthy and whole as can be. Do not blame others, do not point at their flaws and shortcomings and do not feel bad about your own. Just live your own true nature, thrive, bloom, express yourself in a natural way and be as happy as can be. And that is all that is needed to change this planet totally.

Shine your light, precious soul!

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