Vampirism: The old earth sucks

Last weekend I´ve visited the Mysical „Tanz der Vampire“ (Dance of Vampires). It´s a remake of the Polanski-Film „The fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon me, your teeth are in my neck“. It is a Horror Comedy and a funny way to learn about dark patterns. Well energetic Vampirism is quite normal until now on Planet Earth and a Comedy or even Musical is a great way to study dark patterns. We´ve got to understand it, to leave it behind. The only power darkness has is fear and deception. So look at it in a lighthearted way and learn.

People try to feed on others energy, because they believe in lack. So they deceive people to get their: money, power, sexual energy or attention. In the end all of that is a form of energy. And the victims? Well they are falling for a high social position, physical attraction or the extraordinary. They´ve been both part of the same game. Oh and there´s a special lesson for the lightworkers: Maybe trying to „save“ someone who is infected, brings them in danger. Darkness may infect them…until they become immune, when the light in them is becoming stronger than darkness.

How to heal the energetic vampirism on earth? Bring in the light, connect to your own source, than you do not need to run after others money, body, power or attention. Just open to your own source, shine your light. The daylight kills the vampire. That goes for all darkness. Well nobody dies really, it may just feel like dying, cause it is a huge transmutation taking place.

It is kind of upside down, if we fear darkness. That´s been part of the deception. In fact, it is the other way around: darkness fears the light. The light doesn´t fear darkness. An angel doesn´t have to change to be able to enter hell. But a devil has to transform his devilishness to be able to enter heaven. An angel recognizes the devil, but will not despise him. But the devil despises the angel and is not able to see or understand his nature.

Whenever you face darkness, fear not. Just shine your light!

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