Tuning in – The Art of creation

My guides know that I love unusual surprises and deliveries. Once they even sended out someone with a megaphone to deliver a message.

Well last thursday they´ve topped even that. That day they sended out a red plane! Gorgeous!

It started with potential trouble.

My Internetprovider should have delivered a faster wire that day, but instead I was without Telephone and Internet for the next 5 days.

But as always everything is working out heavenly perfect. I am very aware that my real wires are internal and to tune-in is my speciality. I´m always connected very well, and first of all we´ve got to be connected with ourselves. If so, all else we might want and need will be delivered in the outer world. In this case, I was expecting my daughter to visit me for the weekend and gave intend that I want some nice experiences for the ladies weekend.

I try to always stay centered and calm, no matter what. My phone company blamed another company they´ve got to cooperate with, what isn´t working and even tried to sell me more stuff…made me kick some butts, to make clear not all of their clients are sheps to shave. But that´s been just my behaviour on the outside. You´ve got to adress people in their language and it´s been clear that they don´t speak lightworker; but while growling at the greedy wolfs, I stayed totally centered on my inside.

That is really important for the Art of Creation: Never allow the outside world to create your inner world.

After the call I went with a coffee and a book on my balcony. Normally I don´t do that at that time of the day. That´s another important lesson. We all have our routines, but never allow your routines to rule over you. Act out of the moment. When I went out, I saw a small red plane with a banner on it. Sometimes you see this in films when someone gets a proposal. I tried to read the writing on the banner, but it´s been too far away, I just recognized it is some advertisement. The plane moved on and been out of my sight. I sat down and started reading, but when I looked up to take a zip of coffee, the plane was back. Perfectly directed so I could read the signs very clearly. It´s been the name of a local radio station and the message was: „Tune in, in 10minutes!“ I starred at the message and felt adressed. My mind gave comments like „It´s just a good advertisement.“ „They are making people curious.“ But I grabbed my book and went inside. When I stood in front of my radio I realized I don´t know their frequency. I don´t listen radio at home very often and not to that station. But I stretched out my hand and turned the radio on. I felt inside when going from frequency to frequency. I skipped a few stations until one „felt right“. My mind said „One cannot sense the frequency of the right radio station.“ I answered: „If someone can, than that´s me.“ I sat down to finish my coffee and kept on reading. Advertisement started and it´s been local. I grinned. A womans voice started talking, that at the weekend a comedy show will take place in the city where I live and one could win two cards, when giving a phone call. She said a number, that sounded long and complicated and my mind said: „Forget it.“ But my hands were grabbing my mobile and I started to dial the number. When I finished I wasn´t sure if I had the right number. Well, the line was busy anyway. I laid down my mobile, but my inner voice said. „Try again.“ My mind answered „It´s too late, they´ve already got their winner.“ I reached out for my mobile again and gave it a second try. This time the line wasn´t busy and the female voice out of the radio answered my call. When I said my name, she said: „Wow, you seem to be in a good mood.“ I agreed and she wanted me to tell her a joke. Well I´m not good at telling jokes and didn´t even remember one in this moment, but kept talking to her in a jokingly way, so finally she told me a joke and while I giggled, she said: „You know what, as you are such a joyful, happy person, I´ll give you the cards anyway. Have fun.“ Well you bet, we had 😉 <3

Here are 10 lessons in the art of creation:

1. Give clear intend.

2. Nothing is impossible.

3. Never allow the outside world, to shape your inner world.

4. Never allow routines to rule your day. Act out of the now.

5. Your mind is a servant, never make him the master.

6. You´ve got to be centered and open to receive.

7. Abundance comes in a thousand different ways and not always needs cash.

8. Your inner connection is all you need to tune-in.

9. You know more than you know.

10. If you are joyful, people can´t resist you.

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