Letting go of judgement and resistance

Letting go of all judgement and resistance is a most important step on the own spiritual path, as far as I´ve experienced and witnessed it.

I see the very idea to know what is “the truth” as the original “sin” aka misperception of mankind. I even wrote a whole chapter about it in my last book. To me it is the beginning of all evil and darkness. Therefore darkness is relatively seen real, but not absolutely true. It is caused by a lack of understanding. When we resist what is and believe we know how things should be instead, we are starting a war in us, leading to a kind of mindsplit and all kinds of opposition, fight and war. As things aren´t “right” we get angry, frustrated, depressed, feel vulnerable, unworthy, guilty and so on. As we cannot stand it to feel that split, we create the shadow. And although we have created him, we are percieving him as something on the outside. We project him onto this world, although we are the ones that are in opposition to the light, to creation itself.

When we start to assume that whatever happens in our life leads to something good or has a hidden treasure in it, we start making peace with reality. I know that there are horrible things happening, but I know also that the involved persons don´t know better. “Forgive them, they don´t know what they are doing.” And that is nothing but true. The ones doing you wrong, think they are doing “the right thing”. Therefore stop judging them. Somewhere along your long path of incarnations you did the very thing you are judging now. Accept that you didn´t know better. That is also a very important step to be able to love ourselves. When we start to recognize that we´ve been it all, good and bad, rich and poor, old and young and that it was somehow necessary to become the person we are now, peace arises in ourselves. And how shall I judge someone else, when I trust s/he needs all the experiences that s/he chose? The more we evolve on our souls path, the deeper the insights are, the more is clear that the universe is always looking for balance. Behind all outer turmoil you´ll find a deep peace, love and compassion.

Embrace all of you and all of creation. Allow all that is, as it is go(o)d.  Seeing the world through this perspective, that´s a masters perception. It´s the end of suffering.

Shine your light and love your shadow, you cannot imprison him anyway!

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