My experiences with the monthly Rose Touch

The monthly Rose Touch is very special and I am curious what will happen tonight, as I gain greater understanding while every session.

It is taking place in the quantum field and it´s been interesting to verify that it is not important what time and place you are. Just give the intend and sign in. I had people being sleeping while “my time”, or being busy. It is like a divine present. When you order, I will deliver. It is up to you when you want to open the present.

And interesting experience, last session someone signed in, but had than decided to not want it. When I adressed the participants at the end of the session for a short one-on-one I saw her refusing the gift. When I talked to her later and asked her about it, she said it´s been true.

Well, I realized it is an outstanding work I am doing, holding the field for all participants and than deliver the beautiful frequencies of the divine Love. I know I am blessed to do it, but I also know what I´ve been through to come to this point when I can do it. I payed a high price and gained a huge blessing.

The group sessions are special, the field is stronger than in a one-on-one session. I found out, that I have to start preparing 24 hours before, the energies are building up hour by hour and I shall avoid distractions and disturbances.

I also ask the participants to honour themselves and the divine and get into a receptive mode, when signing in or to not sign in at all. But everyone can sign in, the divine knows no exclusion and I would deliver to even my worst enemy with the same love than to my Rose Sisters as I know no enemies. Being a living Rose means I bloom for all, as I am the blooming and reminding you to find your own scent and expression.

And I´ve got to share something, that happened last time: When I gathered the participants I saw them as lights. But there were way, way more lights than participants. So I grouped us in a circle in the middle and all the other lights where than grouping like shiny stars around us, emanating pure love and peace. Breathtaking beautiful.

If anyone like to share how and what they percieved I am happy to hear it, as this is the leading edge of human consciousness and we are the pioneers.

Shine your light and bloom your love!


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