A Soulutioners Reflection

When I´ve been a young mother I had two friends that saw two opposite things in me: One percieved me as weak, a way too nice and sensitive housewife and the other saw the opposite, a strong-minded amazon, in me. They both thought to be close friends and to know me very well. And I was wondering how this can be. Who am I? The eternal I am, all that is, bringing forth some energies that want to be expressed through this persona, in this time and space real-i-ty. But they didn´t relate to that, but projected an unlived part of themselves onto me. And of course I have a very sensitive, nice aspect and of course my akash also has the warrior energy, the amazon. As an old Soul I´ve got almost all expressions of self in my akashic toolbox. And very often I answered through this adressed aspect.

It´s my moon in the 7th house. I can tune into almost every energy-field and so I reflect at people what they project onto me. A living mirror.

People hurt me, to express their pain. They belittled me, when they felt small. They despised me to express their low selfworth. They blamed me to process their hidden guilt. And all of that confused or hurt me, but I learned through it. It prepared me to deal with all kinds of personalities and to find my own inner anchor in this sea of energies. My own consciousness looked at the picture they projected onto me and knew it is not really true. It is their perception and their filter, but not my I AM. And than I started to change. My own perception was less and less captured and hypnotized by their reflections and more and more able to see their beautiful potentials, they also didn´t dare to express. I realized that they couldn´t relate to my I AM as they didn´t have access to their own I AM.

I chose to take the coal and turn it into diamonds. No matter what you deliver to me, how distorted your reflection seems to be, I will find the devine light in you and I will reflect that. I am like a radio, having a huge range of stations from which you may choose. But now, finally, I will insist to play your souls music, no matter the station you choose. And that was another step to finetune me for my work as a Soulutioner.

May your eternal light always be reflected back at you!






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