Your blockages hide your mastery

We all have special areas in our lifes where we struggle again and again. As they seem difficult we try to avoid them. I want to encourage you to do the opposite. Why? Cause these blocks have been installed for good reasons and will just melt away, when you are ready. The areas in your life where you have blockages are actually those that you have choosen to find mastery. A dragon puts his huge butt always on a treasure chest.

All and everything in life is about energy. A block doesn´t let the energies flow. He is normally installed while childhood and you can see these areas also in your birthchart. It´s really kind of funny, as in the old energy an Astrologer might have told you to avoid the difficult constellations. That´s been the mindset: Fight, flight or denial. Well, you cannot block life itself. It will deliver endless opportunities to learn your lessons and finally master them.

But you won´t need an astrologer or a psychoanalysis to spot the areas in your life with blockages. As the energies are not flowing easily, these are the areas where you have the feeling of lack and struggle. And when you try harder, you only add more energy in these areas, what makes the block bigger. Sometimes people are building up such a huge blockage that it finally shatters under its own weight. That is instant enlightenment, caused by unbearable pain. Eckhart Tolle described how he reached his enlightenment through immense suffering.

In the new earth we might choose another path, one that offers more fun and joy. I am telling you a huge secret: Mastery is reached by ease. What? Didn´t I just describe how the blockage crumbled under the pressure? Yes. And what happens when the block has faded? Ease occures. Ease is the sign of mastery.

Well, but there is still the block before we are reaching ease. You can free your passage with dynamite, or use a teaspoon, or you can melt the stone with light. It is up to you, what you want. Dynamite may be quick, causes a lot of damage and may cause even more stones to come down and block the passage. A teaspoon? Well, in case you enjoy the journey and want to lenghten it. That´s fine also. I love the lightsaber, that´s my personal choice.

How does it work? Bring in as much light as possible, be focused, but relaxed. And relaxed doesn´t mean to ignore the issue, stay centered, be aware. A bit like a Jedi. Hold the frequency of love, stay centered, have fun and enjoy the game without getting too serious. Here is humor very important. Did you realize that all Masters have humor? They don´t belittle the game of life, but they play it in a lighthearted, joyful way.

Shine your light and have fun!


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