Your perception changes everything

It´s not what happens in your life, but how you look at it what makes the difference. Yesterday evening I was sitting on my balcony and it´s been raining cats and dogs. It felt beautiful and I was fascinated by the lights in the houses around and the splishsplash sound the raindrops made. I smelled the earth in the fresh air and felt the comfort of my home. When I went inside I heared a neighbor playing on a piano. Well it´s been far away from a good play, but I felt the beauty in it very intensely anyway and enjoyed it very much. Someone else would have felt disturbed, while I was totally happy to listen to it. I went online and tuned into the Crimson Circle webcast and wasn´t surprised when they were, just like last month, talking about sensuality as a masterlesson. It is, indeed. Sensuality changes the way you see this world totally.

I remember when I recieved such a masterlesson 20 years ago. It´s been a hot day and I was stuck in traffic, the emissions of the cars made it hard to breath and everything felt somehow heavy and dense. I looked out of the window of that car and saw the child of a local shop owner playing with a plastic ball. The little one had down syndrome and I always had felt a kind of pity for the child and its parents. But in this moment something happened. When I looked at the child the sunlight was falling on its face, that had an expression of pure bliss on it. It was as if time stopped. A perfect moment. I saw the face of god in this child. I mean it. I came to my senses. My filters of human stupidity were removed and my perception changed totally.

A Master has removed the human filters, that block his senses. I recognize a Master by the way they look at the world. With shiny eyes, seeing god in all that is. They are able to sense instead of project. It´s really time to come to our senses, as this changes everything in our lifes.

Shine your light and dare to sense!

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