Diversity vs. Black´n White

We´ve been trained to perceive things as black or white. Right or wrong. In fact that perception is what really creates darkness.

When I think this life is about being right, than I am wrong and in fact add to the darkness of this planet. When you are making rules, than darkness rulez. All that want to live and express in another than the “right” way are than casted out.

We can see that on the political stage at the moment, but it happens in all areas of life. Instead of expressing the own color, living the own truth, all else shall be forced to follow “the one truth”. If there is something like “the truth” at all, it would be Love. And when I love someone truly he is free to do as he prefers. And when I love myself I am free to live my own truth. Everybody trying to box people in, is in fact adding to the darkness. He will create suppression and resistance, what brings forth distortions of all kind.

You cannot give the same medicine, food, surrounding or lifestyle to all people. You cannot even give it to the same people all their life. There are no absolutes in life. What felt right one day ago, may not suit me today. The dresses I liked with 20, I wouldn´t wear today. Life is a river, it is naturally unfolding. When you try to force nature, you´re only creating natural desasters.

In fact all kinds of human distortions are also created through rules and suppression. You can see this very clearly in areas with a lot of tabus, like money or sexuality. It is the tabu that creates perversion, cause the blocked energies are breaking free in an unhealthy way.

Don´t we need something to know what is right? Oh, when you break out of the boxes you know exactly what is right. For you. In this moment. And that is all that is important for you.

And in case I should struggle or feel unsure, cause we are all been misleaded for so long, I am asking myself: Is this constructive or destructive? I always try to choose what brings growth. But even there are no absolutes. Sometimes we even need to first bring destruction, before we can build something new. Relatively seen death is needed, absolutely seen he doesn´t exist.

Light has all the colors in it. Black or white are just the background that makes them more shiny.

Shine your light…all colors included!

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