Why we have to come together

I am coming more and more to a place in my life where I do what I never did before. I thought I would never recommend coworking and gatherings, but I do now, and for very good reasons.

It is your own path, you have to follow and there are two sentences that are true:

  1. Noone can do it for you.
  2. You cannot do it on your own.

Isn´t that a contradiction? Nope.  The first sentence is the reason why  I´ve been an independent person, wherever possible, all my life. And as finding a partner was already difficult in the old energy, groups have been a total nightmare to me. In the old energy people were trying to force or convince each other of the one and only truth (their own) with domination and manipulation. Felt so wrong to see one was leading and the other(s) had to follow. But I am unable to be a devotee and for sure don´t want to have devotees around me.  That´s been the old earth. The problem.

Well, what´s the so(u)lution of the new earth? Independent persons, walking their own path, but coming together to encourage and assist each other, while everybody is totally free and independent. I realized lately that this is what I am doing since years. You´ll only find people of my own kind close to me. All very strong personalities and often very different persons, sharing some interest, while having also other that don´t fit with mine. Everyone on his own path. No need to save someone. Noone to save me. But I also realized that I wouldn´t have made it without them…or at least my path would have been unbelievable long and hard.

It is the year one of new beginnings and it´s time to come together.  In the old energy the wounded healer, Chiron, was quite normal. Maybe the reason why I never really stepped fully into this field in the old times. In the new energy the healers cooperate for a fast-track of evolution, sharing insights, methods, laughter, healing and inspiration. A neverending party of joy it is.

But I also realized the huge potential of groups lately, as I gave a group-healing for free. I thought I would give a gift, but suddenly realized that we will all benefit from the energies coming together. I was curious how it´ll work and asked a few people that could feel the difference. And really the energies have been stronger than normally and carried by the high frequencies of the participants. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. As I´ve got a daughter that is Aquarius I know they are very individual persons, but love to come together. And that is what we´ll have to learn. Nobody is so evolved that s/he won´t benefit from assistance and from others.

Go out and bring out what you have, share it with others, encourage each other, assist each other.

Shine your light to inspire and attract others!

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