Giving and receiving

Giving and receiving is an important lesson. I´ve received masterlessons in this area all my life, ending with a heavenly birthday gift today.

I´ve been a belated and very unwanted christmas gift myself and made a lot of experiences where I have been rejected. Since my journey to Israel 2015 the angels have been playing tricks on me, giving me clear messages, showing how difficult it is for some people to receive something given with love. Has nothing to do with the intend of the giver. If the receiver has trouble with selfworth or power, experienced lack, manipulation, domination and all the dark stuff that has been part of the old energies and its mindset of lack, they´ll have trouble with giving and receiving.

It is important to understand that this issue of giving and taking might take place on all levels: economy, partnering, business, money…and healing energies. The old energy has been one of exchange, a traders mind. In fact nothing is wrong with trading, it is a beautiful concept if the conditions are clear for both sides. But in the old energy the motives and conditions often have been very tricky and hidden. And all kind of relationships, even the most intimite ones,  have been working this way: If I give you something, you owe me something. Nothing has been unconditionally. Only fools gave something for free and to give away your belongings could bring you in a mental asylum, cause people thought you to have lost your mind. Everything was upside down in the old energy ^_^

When my mother received me, she couldn´t see a gift in me, although I´ve been announced for christmas. She named me Natalie, but didn´t get the message herself and saw nothing but a burden, guilt and loss of freedom in me. Until this very day that didn´t change. Nothing I did or didn´t could ever change her perception. I love her dearly and always will, but I´m free of all attachment to this issue, that is hers and no longer mine. It´s been tough training for a lightworker and the concept behind it is nevertheless one of love, although things on earth may look dark. I realized that I will never be able to reach her in the darkhouse, she created. How people perceive life is shaping their personal reality totally. They feel safe in their prison cells and it is madness to try to free someone that loves to stay in his personal kind of hell, as it´s their path and choice. They leave when they want and not a second earlier.

For me as a teacher and healer that´s been a really, really important lesson. It is important as giving healing energies has to be totally free from all personal stories and attachments. Sometimes people say they want healing, but a subconscious aspect will block the healing, as they aren´t ready to let go. Shouldn´t bother the healer. A healer is working as a tool and if people praise or curse his work doesn´t change the tool, that he is or the message of love he delivers.

A few days ago my guides told me very sudden to give once a month a free group healing for everybody that wants to participate. That´s been new to me: I´ve given healing over distance quite often and also adressed a group, but I´ve never combined these elements. (Not in this lifetime, my guides tell me I´ve done that often before and I know it is true. In ancient times the mystery schools trained people in many  forms of communication over distance). Well the human I am in this lifetime felt surprised, but I learned to trust my inner voice completely and so announced the monthly sessions, not expecting to have immediately 23 participants, plus one cat. Well, it´s been 24 plus a cat, as I had to add myself as I found out.

It´s been the evening before my birthday when I wanted to give a gift and received one myself. First of all I´ve been blessed as I feel energies and the participants have been so beautiful radiant souls, that this already knocked me off my feet. Than I realized how the energies have been building up very strongly for many hours before this event took place. While the session I, as a human persona, step aside somehow. So I don´t participate usually in these energies I deliver. My consciousness and perception is there, but in an unpersonal way, to not get in the way. It´s been a beautiful experience, as the group seemed somehow like a choir to me, when I transmitted for all together. In the end everybody has been adressed personally, one by one. Amazing experience. And when the 32 minutes had been over and I wanted to get back into my normal life, I´ve received a surprising gift as the energies came back, but this time I received it myself.

Today a close friend of mine, not working as a healer, but highly sensitive to energies, told me she recognized the session took place 45 minutes. She witnessed my gift.

And when the session was finally really over  and my birthday started all communication channels, letters, phone, skype, messenger, whatsapp etc., delivered nonstop nice messages. I´ve been literally bathed in pure love all day long.

I´ve got no words for such a blessing. I´m grateful beyond messure.

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