The right kind of gratitude

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Tue, November 08, 2016 18:32:49
Gratitude is the most powerful key to abundance that I´ve found until now.
The moment I understood it deeply, I´ve been visiting a friend. She had just left her husband and has been living in an apartment where the roof was almost coming down, just been held by a shoring. It seemed really dangerous there and she told me she´s been living on very few Euros the last weeks.
I was no help in the money sector at that time, even in debt myself and just brought some cheap cookies with me. But we were laughing and happy to see each other, building an Isle of Light in a very cold, dark world. And she was serving us tea with the nobleness of a queen, sitting in a palace. And I received this tea with the same attitude. The gratitude of a queen, not a beggars one.
And that is a very important point, that I understood in this moment with crystal clear perception.
We all have been teached to “Say thank you to your aunt and give her a kiss.” We said thank you, cause that is what you have to do.
That Kind of thankfulness will never make you a master of creation. Just the opposite. It will kill your integrity and selfworth. That is how lack is teached. There is not enough and therefore you have to show that you are grateful for every breadcrumb, cause when you play your role well you might receive even a second one.
To me that´s been horrible, a shame, it always felt so wrong. And it is.

See, when we are all free beings, nobody really owes you anything. But at the same time you are the beloved child of the universe, every breath you take is a gift. Life is a wonder. Every mouthful of water is nurturing you. Having even clean water for a shower is luxurious. Who is able to see that? And to not feel small, but to feel great…being grateful, cause life is beautiful and amazing.

When you´ve been teached in lack, just like me, your perception of reality might have been hypnotized by what is missing. When you change that, all that you receive will be a blessing. When I changed my perception from lack to abundance, my life turned upside down in a miraculous way within a few month. One tip that I may give you, cause it will bring in awareness, is to take a tickler and write down every day 5 to 10 things you are grateful for. And the magic isn´t about the writing, but in feeling how blessed you are. Your emotions shape your reality. Feel that you´re already abundant on some levels. Lots of blessings are for free. The sun, the rain, the starlight, the air, the soil under your feet, the smile of that child on the street, a cat coming along to be cuddled, a bird singing a song. So practice gratitude for at least 21 days (that´s how long it normally takes to reboot your brain), but better do it through the lengths of a mooncycle.

It is also very important to change the perception that only money on your bank-account is abundance. The tea in my example has been of the cheapest kind, it´s been us, shining our light, that made us abundant. In my life abundance is coming in very often through other people thinking of me lovingly, wanting to bring joy to me.
To just give an example how abundance reached me the last days:
I recieved a book from a friend, that she once recommended. But it´s not available since many years and therefore so absurde expensive that I forgot about it. Not she. She´s been hunting that book for month and gave it as a present to me a few days ago. Wow.
Another friend sended me healing as I had health issues. I recieved support and love. Much of it. And that´s a miracle in itself, as this has been something that used to be a reason for my feeling of lack. No more. My reality changed totally. Another friend just bought me a new telephone, cause mine was always running out of battery. My daughter sended me a very loving postcard. People wanna hug me and are sending nice messages every day of my life, for no reason, but because it feels good.
Plus today I suddenly received an invitation to visit Berlin to watch the Final or the Halffinal of “The Voice of Germany” live in the Studio. Never thought about that, but it´s the only TV-Show that I really enjoy. I love beautiful voices. My life just became freakin´awesome. That´s another point. You´ve got to stretch your mind what might be possible and what not. That might even take a bit longer than learning the right Kind of gratitude.

These are just the examples of blessings I received the last few days. None of that comes because my people think they have to please me somehow. They are all very independent persons, that know I always love them, no matter what. It´s just because they love me also and wanna see me happy. That´s the same intend I have when giving a present to someone. I want them to be joyful, cause I love them. And when I can´t effort anything they will love me just the same and share a hug with me. I can´t describe how beautiful that feels like.
I am blessed. I am grateful.
If that´s been possible for me (no astrologer watching my birth-chart would believe it 😉 ), you can do even better.

Shine your light!

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