Learning through contrast

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sun, November 27, 2016 10:43:24
In my old life there used to be so much heartbreak, because of so much no-love all around me, starting with my own mother, that these experiences used to be really hard for me. But later when I learned to heal myself, it became obvious to me, that all pain has been serving me in the end. It´s been nothing but contrast and contrast is how duality works. Just noone told me and so it took me really long to understand what was going on.

I´d like to share this to spare you pain.

Whatever causes you emotional pain, is painful as it is not your truth. Truth isn´t painful, it is the resistance against the contrast and the absence of what you want to experience that causes the pain.

As love and joy has always been my highest truth, all antipode that I experienced was horrible to me.
And that is an important point, that will hopefully help others on their path.
See the polarity, but don´t identify with it. Don´t struggle with it, don´t fight it, don´t get entangeled in it. Your inner feeling is telling you loud and very clearly, that this is not your truth. So why deal with it longer than necessary?

With these two steps, you may step out of the pain and into the truth:

1.)Feel inside. What is your truth about your experience?

2.) Live it!

See, in my case it meant to live love. Love for myself. Love for others. I walked the desert, so I am seeding beautiful gardens now.
I had a few hard moments, when I recognized some seeds will take a long time or even fell on very solide rocks, resisting all growth. But even that has been just a lesson. It´s not up to me what others do with their opportunities. It is free will and in the end everyone will return to the light. Let them idle a little bit. Who cares about a few seeds not growing, when there´s so much plenty and beauty, blooming in me and all around me?

It is so important that we learn to not get distracted by what we don´t want, but instead focus totally on what we want to live.
Resistance and fight need a lot of power. That´s destructive.
Take back your power and live it in an constructive way and you´ll be unstoppable.

Someone lies and cheats on you? Personify truth and integrety!

Someone tries to put you down? Stand up tall and strong!

Someone hates you? Become a living Lovebomb!

Someone can´t see your worth? Express your values!

Someone is cold and untouched? Live a warm and intimite life!

Being cast out? Take in light, life and love fully!

Being rejected? Love and accept yourself and others fully!

Being maligned? Well, sorts out wrong friends. More time for real ones!

Whatever opposes you, just stand by and for yourself!

Let contrast be your teacher, recieve your training willingly and you´ll become stronger than you can even imagine.

Shine your light!

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