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Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Thu, November 17, 2016 01:19:14
The reason why we repeat the patterns of our childhood in our relationships, especially in the partnering area, is that the cursed inner child still awaits to be freed.
And the inner child is right. It needs help to break the spell of no-love that it felt in his childhood.
The only mistake in this scenario is that we are thinking the other (maybe a partner) will break the spell and in most cases s/he won´t. Just the opposite, s/he will help you to repeat it. And even worse, you will insist that your partner does so.

Imagine a little boy who had a mother that was never happy, no matter what he did and the little boy thought it is his faulth, something about him is wrong, he´s not good enough. You can bet when he is grown up he will look out for partners that will serve the same issue. He will find the one in a thousand that has always something to complain about. You might imagine he will leave her soon. Well maybe he does or maybe not. Doesn´t matter, as every new partner will serve the unsolved issue. It might seem to be a mistake of his subconsciousness, but we will see later, that it is not a mistake.

This man will repeat the same experience until he is totally fed up with this pattern. Well, high likely he´ll blame his partners, or after a while all woman, but we will see that they aren´t the problem, just the opposite. They all have been co-workers in his search for a solution.

See, no one on the outside can free him. Heaven might send him a nice woman, that is warm-hearted and lovely. He won´t choose her. He would choose the unhappy goat next to her. His subconscious mind will insist to repeat the problem endlessly until he finds a solution. And noone else can serve him a solution. When heaven would insist to send him on an island with a nice, balanced woman…guess what he would do? He would behave so badly that she would feel unhappy and start to complain because of his behaviour. He will recreate his issue again and again. How to end this mess?

Well the solution lies not in his co-working mates but within himself. He has to become aware that he is the reason for his problem…and the salvation. That is a reason why I recommend inner child work so much. He has to be the one making contact to his inner child and give love to the little one until he feels loved and good enough. And from this day on he will be.

You have to be the one that gives you what your trapped inner child didn´t get. We are learning through duality. In our childhood we get the imprint that we want to overcome. With perfect timing we are attracting people that help us to overcome it. Well, in the most cases they will help you with opening your wound again and again. Trouble is we are looking for saviours. Our mind is programmed that way. I blame Hollywood and fairy tales a lot for that, cause they´ve implanted that idea. Especially woman are waiting for the prince/hero. In most cases the next guy is just another frog or fraud. She has to become the heroine herself, instead of hoping for a savior.

The funny thing is: There will occur people that help you on your path, but only when you made the intend and the steps to help yourself. They will assist you, but they can´t do it for you.

The first step is, as always, to bring awareness, what your pattern is. What is it that you are searching for? What are you missing in your relationships?

In the second step you have to give it, whatever it might be, to you. Don´t let yourself down. Stand by your inner child, no matter what. That might take a while and there will occur repetitions, but they will hurt less and less the more you are healed.

And there might be a third step, that I am offering to my clients: Make contact to the perfect blueprint of parents on your inside. When we bring back the connection to father sky and mother earth we bring back the awareness how true love and support feels like. It´s also helpful to bring back a balance between the masculine and feminine. They are both supportive in their own way and go hand in hand when the blueprint is reinstalled. May you free your inner child and feel loved and save.

Shine your light!

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