Free yourself from the perception of injustice

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 25, 2016 13:46:01

The best advice I can give someone who percieves being treated in an injustice way is to not even waste a minute longer than necessary to leave this vibration behind.
There might be practical things to be fixed, for example while a divorce or when you have to leave a job, but when that is done…turn around and don´t look back.
On an emotional level it might be you have to face you´ve been too nice, maybe you´ve had inner alarm-signals and didn´t listen to them. So there might be lessons to learn, take them willingly but than let go totally. Don´t pick on yourself, we all experience stuff like that. That´s life. Move on and be as happy as can be.

It is worse enough if someone has been able to harm you somehow, but never ever give away your own power and cling on that issue. If you do so, it is not the other harming you, it is you turning against yourself.
Never allow the unconscious actions of others to steal away your own freedom, peace and joy!

Very often people tell me, that they don´t wanna let the other come away with it. But you only imprison yourself. Don´t do that.
The other won´t escape anyway. He might lie, cheat, steal and fool the whole world, but his/her own soul won´t let this person escape. Everybody has a Higher Self and an inner knowing of truth and integrety. A person has to turn their back on that to harm another part of the one creation with intend. Can anything be worse than this person fooling himself?

From an energetically standpoint you don´t wanna be tuned into the vibration of this person longer as you´ve already been, believe me. For some reason you have already been a vibrational match. Might be worth a closer investigation, especially when stuff like that happens very often to you. There might be a blind spot. For example people that are very helpful and nice are attracting needy, greedy personalities and have to learn to listen to their inner voice.

I´ve experienced an interesting situation a while ago, when someone asked me for money and my inner feeling said it is high likely this someone is trying to fool me somehow. What he said felt true and wrong at the same time. So I asked my Higher Self what to do and recieved an interesting advice.
My Higher Self answered that this person is not really fooling me as he thinks he really needs the money, so I shall give it with pure intend and generosity.
I was a bit puzzled and asked: Should I really give this to someone who isn´t quite honest as I feel he is hiding something?
My Higher Self answered that I just have to make sure my intend is a loving and kind one and that I shall try to stay fully aware of the situation and connected to my heart. The other is getting a chance here to heal his issue of lack and I´ve got all that he needs to learn. He´ll heal his lack in a smooth or a hard way and that is up to him what he´ll choose.
I shall give the opportunity, the rest isn´t my business.

This personal example might help you to see that nothing that is happening to you is happening to a victim. The situation above is normally taking place without contact to the Higher Self and than the person giving the money might see herself as a victim.
But this is never true.
Your Higher Self and the Higher Self of the other involved person did agree to go into this situation to give both a lesson. Make sure you take yours as easy and loving as possible and than move on.

Leave the vibration of injustice, cause from a standpoint of the Law of Attraction you would only stay in the same classroom and recieve the same lesson again and again. Raise your vibration and attract nicer experiences.
Heaven knows it all, sees it all and loves you!

Shine your light!

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