Why it is so hard to let go

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 04, 2016 11:03:40
Sometimes it is very clear, seen from the outside, that a person clings on something or someone, that isn´t good for this person.
Why do we do this? Why can´t we let go?

There are 3 reasons I witnessed quite often:

1. There is a hidden advantage for us that we don´t wanna loose.
Find out what this might be and try to get whatever it is in another, more healthy, way.

2. We are afraid of the unknown. Very often people prefer staying in a known hell over an unknown paradise.
Life is all about change. You´ve got to leave all persons and circumstances anyway, so if you love yourself you´ll do it in a loving way, before the universe makes circumstances change in a rough manner.

3. We hope for a miracle to change it.
I´ve experienced quite a few miracles. They all occured when I gave intend to change, asked for help and moved my ass in the direction I wanted to go. Heaven helps the ones brave enough to face reality and willing to become a co-worker with the divine forces.

Don´t pick on yourself when you are not ready to let go now. But prepare your escape anyway, one day you´ll free yourself and learn to fly.

Shine your light!

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