The Sunflower Teaching – Keep your head up

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Tue, September 20, 2016 13:20:03

It´s important to keep your head up (and your vibration high), no matter what.
We´ve all experienced it: We´ve been at a really good starting point, all seemed to work out well and suddenly something that we considered to be „bad“ happened.
My usual reaction has been to doubt myself, question my goal, the timing – whatever – but I always thought that something is not as it should be.
From a vibrational standpoint I used to got kicked off from the „high flying disc“, as Esther Hicks would name it. From a really high frequency I went to anger, or sadness or doubt, what is a much lower vibration. I guess we all experienced that.
And that happens because of a wrong conclusion. The thing that´s been wrong has not been the „bad“ experience, but our point of view. We just don´t know what we don´t know. The universe is always working in our favour. But when we lower our frequency we are not able to recieve the positive outcome, that´s been our intend and that´s been already prepared.

It´s almost funny, a kind of tragic-comedy. We are in a high frequency and ready to create something beautiful, but to reach that we need change, may it come as an illness, or to loose our job, mate or house or whatever the „bad“ thing might be. And as we can´t see, it is all part of the creation, leading us to a perfect outcome, we miss the goal again and again.
From a higher perspective nothing bad happened, but something really different.

A) You make a wish/choose a goal/ create a vibration

B) The universe creates circumstances, that lead to circumstances, that will

C) deliver what you´ve asked for.

But at point B we loose the vibration and can´t recieve the perfect outcome of C.

I really wonder how often we almost won the lottery, met the love of our life or found the perfect house.
Realising this and knowing the universe will create endless new opportunities, we may now change our behaviour and try to keep our good mood.
But don´t pick on yourself, when you should loose your balance. We are programmed this way so it might take quite a bit time to unprogramm us. So if something happens, that you percieve as being „bad“, that´s just normal. Just try to go consciously through the process to regain stability and balance.

These 3 steps might make it more easy and comfortable for you:

1) Accept your feeling.

Whatever arises, may it be anger, sadness, doubt, just accept it, give room for it. Cause when you try to suppress it, the engergies will stay with you and lower your vibration. Let it all out.

2) Let go!

The reason why we cling on persons, things or circumstances is, that we think we know what is best. And that is just not true. We don´t know, what we don´t know. I´m a stubborn capricorn, so that lesson took me while, believe me 😉

Don´t insist on your idea of the perfect way or circumstances. Might be things seem to become worse for a while, but all is still well. Just stay calm, breath and be relaxed, that will help best.
Universe has the cosmic GPS and always knows the perfect way to reach the goal.

3) Trust.

That´s not easy, as we all made not so nice experiences and therefore try to control our reality to avoid this, but that is action out of fear and will never bring positive outcomes. You have to unlearn fear and the idea of control. I know, that´s really not easy.

No. 2 and 3 go hand in hand.

Trust comes when we learn to let go and have positive outcomes. And if we trust, it is easier to let go. If you struggle with this a lot you might even start to practise with little things in your daily life to be more relaxed when a huge challenge shows up next time.
But it is worth it, life can be so magical when we leave our old patterns.

Keep your head up and shine your light!

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