The ability to love

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sat, September 24, 2016

If you are able to love you are connected with the biggest treasure of them all, source itself. Your heart is the door to this never ending richness. Never ever allow anybody to lock this door again, once it is opened.

Yesterday I´ve been sitting in a tram, thinking about the human perspective of one-sided love and suddenly started to grin and than giggle. I have had a moment of great clarity and every heartbreak in my life seemed absurd to me. I realised that no matter what someone did, noone has ever been able to take away my ability to love. Just the opposite. My connection to the source of all that is has never been clearer and stronger. I have a key to endless abundance. Neverending love.

So feeling sad for not being re-loved is as if you would cry, being very rich, because the other is bankrupt. And if you are a compassionate person and really love the other, maybe you do feel sorry for the other. I did.
But yesterday I started to laugh about it.
I am still endlessly abundant. My heart is connected to the source itself. Endless love.
The other also. But he has to find the key to his heart, to have access to his richness. The forgetful god, creating amnesia as a game, walking the earth as a beggar while owning the key to the heavens.

Well, I am the daughter of god/dess, the key to paradise is inside of me. Noone can take it from me. I am walking the earth, giving of the richness that I own to everyone touching my heart for some reason.

Do the same. Open your heart and love, no matter what. The ability to love is the key for heaven. Use it <3

Shine your light.

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