Love the present moment and stop chasing dreams

(T)HeArt of CreationPosted by Natalie Sun, September 11, 2016 16:11:57

One really big obstacle when it comes to reality creation is reality. You are not in the reality you want and therefore you chase it. Won´t work. If you are in „Chasing-Dreams-Reality“, you´ll stay there. disliking the present moment and never living the dream. You´ll be so caught by the hunting that you will miss your chances or screw them up totally.

You have to make peace with the present moment to create a good vibration. If you are happy, life and opportunities will chase you.
I really mean it.

Whatever is your reality mirrors what is real. And that is your playground. Have an awfull job? Don´t take him too serious, you don´t wanna keep him for the rest of your life, so there is no reason to get a burnout there. Relax. Have fun, here and now.

Do this job good enough to not get fired, cause he pays your rent while you keep your eyes open for a better job. But guess what? If you are happy in an unpleasant job, the next one will be freaking awesome.

People that chase their goals, never truly get anywhere.

I´ve seen it my whole life , especially in the relationship area. I don´t believe in lack when it comes to men and I never experienced it. So many woman try to get a husband, while I don´t even believe in marriage.
Guess who´s been married 20 years and got 5 and a half proposals? If you don´t chase the ring, the ring will chase you. That goes to everything you want to attract. Having the vibration of chasing will deliver more to hunt. But you´ll never recieve while staying in that vibration.

Lately I met while a lunch-break two co-workers, one is in her twenties, the other in her fifties. Both are paying lots of money for cosmetics and dresses, exercising really hard and starving the hell out of them, so they are both really good-looking, but also really bad vibrating.
They were complaining: „There are no men.“ It´s been a sunny summerday, we were standing in the center of the town with 200 000 inhabitants, plus it is full with tourists. So I laughed and said: „Well, look around there are plenty. There´s no shortage of men, half of mankind are male.“ They starred at me; I´m their very opposite: Doing almost no sports, and if so, just for fun, almost no make-up, casual clothings, 47 years old and really overweight. How could I dare not to worry about men? So finely the elderly stated: „Yes, but not the right one.“ I still smiled and said: „Well, here I would agree. But until he shows up, even the wrong ones are the right ones to practise.“ I laughed and went further. I´m sure they hate me, but I don´t care. They hate their reality, I am enjoying mine.

Well, see, both are divorced and so am I, but how could I say 20 years of my life had been wrong? How could I feel bad about any experiences I made? No, even failed partnerships help us to find out what is working and what not. I´m sure these Ladies would have plenty of opportunities, if they would relax a bit. They didn´t get the message the universe delivered with me comming along and they don´t see their opportunities, cause they are living in a reality which they hate, always chasing their dreams.

If we want something very much, we create a pressure, that moves it away from us. We all know that when we fall in love and want the other to like us, we are falling over our own feet and behave totally insane, make him/her think we might be crazy. And the more you try to be cool, the worse it gets.

Stop all of that. Don´t do it. Change it now with 3 steps:

1. Your first step is to totally let go. Don´t even move one step in the direction of your dream. You scare the hell out of the people you meet. Do something totally different to relax. Play, go in nature, create arts. Do all that gets the pressure out of the system.

2. Accept reality as it is. Your job pays your bills and being single has a lot of positive side-effects. Look out what might be positive about the current situation and maybe write it down, so you don´t forget it and have an anchor the next time you´ve got the blues.

3. Behave as if you are already happy, rich, in love or whatever you are longin´for. Cause your inner feeling brings the outer experience. And you might get even more than you´ve expected.

So don´t come running to my door when 3 guys wanna be your mate or you´ve gotta choose between 3 jobs offered to you. It´s the way I experienced it again and again. The moment I´ve relaxed opportunities came my way quite easily. Give it a try and just be happy!

Shine your light!

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