Love is the only strenght

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sat, October 01, 2016 10:36:36

Only a fearful person is looking for control and power. The ones looking for power are creating and believing in an illusion of strenght. They do so because they have a deep, deep (hidden) fear to be weak, vulnerable and inferior. Never forget this when you look at a dictator and manipulator. He´s a fearful little bunny in his core. You need to be really, really strong to be open, vulnerable and loving.

A person looking for power isn´t able to trust in a higher law, but thinks she has to control all in her surrounding. And that is nothing but insanity. No human will ever be able to do so. A butterfly in China might use his wings, create a storm and the whole controlled life is blown by the wind.

The human looking for power must have experienced itself as somehow vulnerable to uncontrollable forces. Might have been a parent getting really angry or experienced trauma through war or disasters. They experienced stuff that seemed to be „wrong“ somehow. Now this person wants to make sure everything is working properly, how it should be.
Just: No human out of a human perspective can know for sure how things should be!

The real „sin“ of Adam and Eve has been that they thought they have the knowledge, just like god, to know right from wrong. That is how they´ve lost paradise – through a judgemental mind. Not god sent them away, they´ve lost connection.
And their judgement about how to live and how to worship god correctly made them rise Kain and Abel.
Powerstruggle. Control over the environment, even by killing. But don´t oversee the fact that the „bad boy“ has been told a long time he isn´t doing right. His parents tried to control his behaviour and he suffered by not being accepted, that is how Kain went into darkness. If these parents wouldn´t have been eating the forbidden fruit, they would have innocently accepted that they´ve got two very different boys and no control and „being right“ would have seemed necessary. The idea of being wrong is bringing in the longing for making sure everything is under control.

All power is an illusion. We cling on it to feel safe. But the soul don´t even wants to be safe. The soul wants experiences and growth, so it will never create anything that stays the same all the time. And every change is making us fearful and unsure, cause we don´t trust in our soul and her intend to work for us. And as we don´t trust, we don´t let things unfold naturally, but insist to have things going our way. So the soul has to witness our crazy games trying to bring us still to the right place for the next step.
Truth is: Every single one of us has amazing, breathtaking potentials, but almost no one dares to reach out for them by going with the flow.

Yesterday I had to witness a close person recreating her loop of pain for the millionandfirst time. She still clings on power, as she could never accept for herself being wrong somehow. So everyone else is wrong. The ones that love and accept her no matter what, can´t reach her. She won´t let them. As it has not been possible to have a conversation with her, I just told her I wish her nothing but the best and said goodbye.

Later I connected her soul. It is always possible to get in contact to the soul-self, even when the human persona is deep down in darkness. I´ve recieved an interesting answer from her soul. The soul said this person needs to go to a place of deep despair and pain, to crack the armour around her heart open. But the moment that will happen, love´n light will flood the system and it´ll be unforgetable for this person, because of the contrast. Ain´t that astonishing? In this case love has to wait patentiently, while the human needs the suffering as a preparing to be crashed open.

No soul will ever get lost, no love is ever wasted. Just how long it´ll take depends on the free will. One can go with the flow or fight against love and light. The result will be the same, just the path will unfold in a way the person chooses by free will.

Well I choose as less suffering as possible, I have seen enough teaching through karma. I am asking for a path, filled with as much love and light as I can bear.
Dare to live your beautiful potentials.

Shine your light!

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