Inner values create outer values

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, September 13, 2016 10:08:23

Values is an old-fashioned word, but maybe that is one reason why the world is in debt. „Values“ make us think of rigid, stubborn people insisting in right behaviours, But that is not what values are about.

When I´ve been really young and in the very beginnings of my spiritual studies I started with Edgar Cayce and he stated that going inwards and find something that is of great value to you is important for the individual. Everyone has to find its own ideal that is of value to him. And than use it to navigate through life. It´ll serve you well. He´s been right and that´s why I recommend it.

Might be sometimes you´ll have to change your point of view, cause there are no absolutes. What might be right from one perspective, might be wrong from another. Therefore: Never argue about your values and don´t convince others to see things your way. You feel what is right for you, but that is just your perspective in this moment. A value shall give you stability, but not become a prison. It helps you to find out what is right and wrong for you and to create integrety. And integrety is something that is really important for your spiritual path. But, funny enough, it might have great influence on your bank account also, as outer value often mirrors what your inner values are. If you dislike money for example it won´t come to you. If you are corrupt you might get bankrupt and so on.

In my case I chose Love as my highest value. Well, freedom and truth are also very important to me. So when I´ve got to make a decision, these values help me navigate. Might seem that love may collide sometimes with freedom or truth, but no actually this never happened.

I tell the truth, unless I feel love is here more important, to not hurt someone. But I might also chose to hurt someone, cause to stay in illusions and to suffer is not what helps him. Love has always the last word in difficult cases.
If a partnership doesn´t work and me or the other wants to be free, love says it might be for the greater good to leave as long there is still love and respect.

To chose this value is making decisions much easier, but it also means we will often have to choose the seemingly harder way. Cause what is never working is to tell you´ve got a value and act other. In case you´d try it you´d find out, that life might get quite uncomfortable. And no, you can´t stay a fraud by not choosing a value. Your soul knows your value already. Actually you don´t choose a value, it already exists in you. Question is if you are aware of it.

Some people that seem to have something like „bad luck“ just aren´t aware of their souls value and therefore work against their own path. That might become quite stressful and exhausting.
When I look back in my own life I made a seemingly crazy decision 5 years ago. I gave up a well-payd and good reputated job in public service that I could have kept the rest of my life, a nice and cheap apartment and left the area where I´ve been living my whole life to start with almost nothing completely new.
I´ve never been more happy in my life. I chose to live my love, my freedom and my truth. I´ve been very close to a burnout or depression before, cause my old life didn´t mirror my inner values. Noone on the outside can say what is right for you, you´ve got to feel it inside of you. If so, you might never get lost and even if, you´ll always find the right path again. May your path be easy and joyful.

Shine your light.

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