How to deal with Fear

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Mon, September 26, 2016 13:40:37

Sometimes people describe me as strong and brave. I am, but only because I used to be a really fearful Person.
You can only become brave, when you had fears and chose to face them.

So in case you should have to deal with fear, I can assure you that I feel for you. I am still having lots of fears. But I don´t allow them to imprison my life.

First of all: Don´t feel bad about having fears. If you feel bad about yourself you are taking away all your own strenght and power.That´s the opposite of what we want. Instead love yourself while you shiver and shake.

See fear for what it is. Your ability to imagine. People that have no fantasy hardly ever fear something. And your fear might arise out of bad experiences you made. To overcome your fears doesn´t mean you shouldn´t take care of yourself, it´s good to act carefully, but act anyway.
Two sentences helped me on my path and I´ll share them with you, hoping the´ll serve you well, also.

The first is a statement of my mum.
“The coward dies a hundred times every day, but the brave one only dies once in his life.”
This is nothing but true. I can only die one time in a lifetime. Well, that´s not sooo often. So all my fear, that feel like dying, can´t be true. This sentence gives me the strenght again and again to move forward. A while ago I climbed a stair, stating I´ve got fear of hights. I guess the other person didn´t believe me, cause he said my fear couldn´t be so big, otherwise I wouldn´t be able to do it.

No. He was wrong. I am terribly afraid of hights. But I wanted also to get to the rooftop, so I went there, trying to focus on my goal and not on my fear. If you are very afraid you can´t think very well and don´t see and hear good. I am using that, to move forward, while having almost no consciousness. Go for the things you adore, even when you piss your pants, cause you might change your pants…but no one can ever take away the triumph when reaching your goal. It´ll make you strong and brave. You´ll feel like the god/dess that you are.

The second quote comes from a friend.
She asked me “What is the worst that might happen?”
Well that brings in some perspective. Maybe I might have pissed pants when standing on the most beautiful rooftop of my life. Who cares?!
Or maybe someone laughs about ´me, well that´s great, one birthday card less to write.
Or a guy gives me a no. That´s great, no more wasted time daydreaming. Next!

One of my biggest fears has been “You might be ending on a parkbench.” Well, I found out that I really, really love parkbenches. A hobby I share with Eckhard Tolle.
You see our biggest fears aren´t about dying, they are about living.

The biggest antidote for fear is love. I used to be afraid of all little animals like spiders or earthworms. But I had to save my daughter of the spiders and I had to save the earthworms on our way to the kindergarden, cause people might step onto them.
On that morning when I learned how strong love makes us, it took us 60 minutes instead of 10 to reach the kindergarden, cause there were so many earthworms on that path and it took me always a few seconds to be able to touch them and than it took my daughter a few seconds to confirm the place I brought them seemed safe enough. But I really love my daughter a lot. And she loved the earthworms, every single one of the 50 or so I had to save. I still prefer cats and dogs over spiders and earthworms, but I don´t fear them no more.

Did some of my fears come true? Of course. I am not brave because I never fail, but I experienced how strong we become while we give it a try.

Let love take your hand. Your love for yourself that drags you onto rooftops or on a journey or the love for someone else, that makes you become a hero/ine.

You´ll find out that your love makes you invincible.

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