Never let „negative“ stuff make you doubt your path

We got some things really wrong, when it comes to the Law of Attraction. We think, if we stay positive only positive things happen to us. If we experience something unpleasant, we doubt ourselves. Maybe we are still not god enough. Don´t buy that shit, others wanna sell you to feel more advanced and holy themselves. A spiritual ego stays an ego and is fed by belitteling others. Don´t let them!
I had to face some ugly stuff in my life, although I´m a joyful, loving person. Doesn´t seem to fit into the Law of Attraction, cause we think we might have some shitty stuff inside to attract it on the outside. Nope. We are living in duality. Us being peaceful, don´t make the haters stop hating. I´ve experienced me being around them, brings the shitty stuff out even more. That´s duality. So maybe on the long run, me being loving, changes the environment through a cleansing, when they are fed up by their creations, but that is their decission alone.

If someone steals your money or your mate cheats on you, that doesn´t say you are on the wrong path or that you aren´t truly honest yourself. If something like that happens, it just says there are a lot of frauds out there. Don´t let it bring you down. That would be the worst that could happen. You can´t change it when a storm runs through your area, but if you stay calm, you might be in the eye of the storm, remaining almost untouched.

It´s true, I´ve experienced that quite often. Once it´s been literally a storm I came in. While it happened I would have been normally on my way home, but instead sat with a handsome guy at a chimney and had a glas of wine and an interesting conversation. When I finally made my way home, no trains were able to drive, but my daughter phoned me, she´ll just picked me up, cause coincidentely she´s been at my home instead of 300 Kilometers away. And coincidentely the tree that closed our street had been removed just the minute she started the car. So I sat on a bench waiting for her, watching the crazy scenery, until she showed up. Around me people yelled and fighted for a taxi and didn´t even stop when we asked, if we might take someone with us. Totally drama-driven madness, while I had a really comfortable, relaxed way home, through unbelievable synchronicities, while others totally in panic missed every opportunity to get home easily.

Don´t feel bad when a storm shows up, that´s just life. But how you react, will make the difference.

So focus on your own center, no matter what and shine your light!

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