Letting go is important to manifest

To become a creator we have to let go of everything, that isn´t serving us. How do we know it´s not serving us?

1. We feel bad about it.

Anything that feels bad to you lowers your vibration. So don´t stay with things that make you feel bad. No, don´t dismiss your mate just for insisting it´s up to you doing the dishes 😉

You are always having opportunities to deal with the little unpleasant tasks : Pay someone to do the dishes or decide to do it yourself, singing and dancing and happy to save money.

Another example: Feeling bad having to fill in the tax declaration.

You might pay someone doing it for you or you might fill it in now, having a nice cuppa tea and taking yourself to the restaurant afterwards. Sometimes we just can´t escape things we don´t like, than do it in the quickest and nicest way possible.

But staying in a relationship with someone who makes us feel miserable, staying 20 more years in the unwanted job or going every sunday to lunch with the mother in law, that we hate, doesn´t serve us. That is no good to keep in your life. Change all that makes you feel bad, cause you will never be able to become a good manifestor when your frequencies are low and your lifestyle mirrors you don´t give your well-being enough importance.

2. It runs from us

When you think you wanna stay with this mate and he says he wanna leave, let him. Even when you think you love him and wanna keep him. If a guy don´t wanna be with you, he´s not your vibrational match. You don´t have to convince anything that is your vibrational match to stay with you, might it be pets, jobs, mates or friends. Believe me. things that are yours stay or return. Nothing can keep them away. It is as if we all have little magnets inside of us. What we love is what we are dragged to. We attract that. Who and what is not attracted, let it be. You don´t know what you don´t know. Loosing this house, job or mate means something is on your way that is a better vibrational match. So make sure you´re in a high vibration to get some awesome deliveries.

3. The outcome is harming us.

If we have a bad manner, eating too much chocolate, drinking too often wine, spending too much time in the internet, 1. and 2. aren´t working. Cause it stays with us and we feel good when we do it. Our husband knows when to buy flowers and makes us feel comfortable, but is just boring. Stay or leave?

We need distance to see that. If we aren´t sure if it harms us, we might ask us, where it will lead to if we keep that lifestyle? Who are we going to be in 5 years or in 10 when we keep going in that direction? If that picture scares you, than change this direction you are heading to.

You deserve to be happy!

Shine your light!

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