Being better is leading nowhere

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sun, September 11, 2016 12:25:07
One of the biggest traps on our path to mastery is the need to “be better”.
There is no better.
When you express your true self, the way the divine is active and vibrant in you, there is no need to compete.
As long as you still play “Master and Servant” you can´t reach masterhood. May this contradiction serve you well.

The more we evolve the less arises the need to belittle others, to become greater, better and special.
The masters club isn´t reached by saying, knowing, fighting or pretending. No amount of “devoties” will bring you there. You can´t buy it, go there, fake it or win it.
Just be it.
No master would tell his deciples they are less. Master Yeshua told his followers they are able to do even better than him. He´s been washing their dirty, stinky feets and did it with grace to show them what real dignity is.
That´s the reason why I call him “The Master of Masters”, cause he seeded well.

No matter how many books you´ve read and how many workshop you´ve been at, if you still try to be better instead of being yourself or want to compete with others, you don´t love yourself and others truly. Love is the masters path.

And if you are not on it, that is also absolute fine, cause you´ll walk this path, we all do it, sooner or later. No being is left behind or judged for his own way to reach this. All is well.

Just: Don´t belittle yourself and don´t make yourself greater.

Just be.
Perfectly Imperfect.
What a joy and release <3

Shine your light!

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