Why lighthouses had such uncomfortable lifes

You wouldn´t believe it, as I am such a loving, joyful person, but I thought a long time in my life, that I must be somehow cursed. Wherever I came started some trouble after a while. And I didn´t understand it, as I never had a bad intend. Even „spiritual“ people started to attack me and the ones witnessing it, couldn´t understand it and found reasons like I must have bad karma or negative thoughts to somehow attract that stuff.

Nope! Just the opposite.

It´s really like Kryon explained. Think about a dark room. A lot of stuff is going on, but noone sees it, as all is dark. Than a person enters the room. You, the lightworker. And now people, doing exactly the same stuff as before are seen. And they see their shadows on the wall. And they think the light to create the shadow. You. Me. The lighthouses.

I don´t know how often I´ve been in deep, deep trouble and danger. I was the one stumbeling and tearing down, by accident, the curtain, so everyone could see the Wizard of Oz. I made an innocent remark and people thought themselves exposed and became my enemies. I´ve been betrayed or casted out so often, that I already felt bored or tired when it happened again. And it came from people I liked or even loved. Cause I can stand their darkness easily, but they can´t stand my light.

And almost nobody ever dared to speak their truth into my face. I respect people that are „in my face“. I might not agree, but they´ve got „cojones“ But almost noone ever had. They feared my reply would tell a truth that would knock them off their feets. So I´ve been silently poisoned or stepped in the back. So much jealousy, envy, gossip and lies. Dirt to darken the light. But didn´t help. Their shadow still existed. Maybe I leaved their lifes, but even that didn´t help. They were sitting in the dark again, but now they knew their shadow existed and they couldn´t poison or step him, although they tried so hard to escape and forget they had seen him.

Why I am telling this? Cause I am you. You never suffered because you´ve deserved it. And you didn´t suffer because this is a dark place. No, you agreed to come here to free the people that would dismiss and attack you. Have you ever tried to come close to someone that is hurt? He might become dangerous for the aider, although he needs his help. When you try to through a thorn out of a cat´s or dogs paw, you might get hurt yourself. You´ll do it anyway, cause you love them. The closer the light gets, the more scary the shadow seems to become. So when you were able to touch people, they started to attack you, blaming you to be the source of the frightening shadow.

Stand tall, your sweet heart has been your strenghts. You´ve been a badass for love and light, and that´s been a real tough job. In case you like superheros movies. Well, that´s been you, coming into a family with issues like alcoholism, abuse or violence. Loving someone that has to give nothing in return, but you need nothing from them, cause you are all that is. What a task, living on a planet with no humility, compassion and love. Wow, we are the bravehearts of the galaxy.

It´s getting brighter now, just keep on.

Shine your light!

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