Start here and now

I´ve got a huge gift. I can see potentials. People love that!
And I´ve a second gift. I can see reality. People hate that!

I´ve always helped people to evolve and I love to deliver love, laughter, inspirations and insights.
But it´s no fun to make people aware, where they are now, cause most people hate their reality.
When you use your GPS in your car, you´ve got to tell it, where you want to go to. That´s your future potential.
And you´ve got to say where you are. There is no other way to start the journey.
But people dislike their life as it is and they feel ashamed to face where they are and therefore deny reality. Well, you can´t create another, when you are not able to leave, because you refuse to look at your now. There is no other way to find the route, but see the starting point.

People always worry about the correct route, but that´s not the problem. Actually reality delivers endless alternative routes, cause we live in a quantumversum, but there is only one point to start this journey. Here. Now.

Trouble is, people fight, flight and deny reality. They don´t like their now. That´s why they want another future. But that is the tricky part of reality creation. You´ve got to befriend reality as it plays out now, to create a better future not as a potential, but as reality.

Many got that wrong, cause the Law of Attraction says we´ve got to pretend to be already…(rich, famous, enlightened…insert your dreams).
And that is absolutely correct, but you should FEEL as if you are already there. You´ve got to be like the GPS, having the bigger picture, startpoint and goal, both known at once. See your reality as it is und feel like your future self, to bring the changed vibration into the now.

That is how it´s working. If you do so, you don´t have to worry. Every move you make will bring in new adjustments from the cosmic GPS, making sure you´ll reach your goal, no matter how often you´ve missed a turning. But you need to be aware of your starting point, not to stay there, but to initiate the change.

Well, and to be precisely, we don´t go somewhere, the journey is just an analogy, cause our goal is not to go somewhere, but to be who we truly are. And that is a difficulty, cause people are afraid of who they truly are. They´ve been told for aeons that they are bad, ugly, guilty – not good enough in some way. Believing that, they want to escape themselves to become somehow someone better. But no. That is a bloody lie. The task is to be truly yourself. Don´t go somewhere, become someone or do somethine. Just be!

That includes to fully accept who you are. If you would see yourself through my eyes you would love yourself. Although I´m your cosmic GPS, seeing potential and reality. You are good enough. You are a magnificent being. Even with all your imperfections. You´ve got to unlearn all the nonsense parents, family, society, religion and friends installed in your mind. That is why our mind became an enemy. We handed him to others and their system of lies, judgement and illusions. When we´ve learned to brainwash ourselves and kick out all the implemented strange ideas, he´ll also be the beautiful tool again, he is meant to be.

The reason why people dislike it, when I show them their now is that they don´t love themselves, because of all their imperfections. But the breathing, walking, talking god on planet earth isn´t a perfect being. He is the beggar on the street, the business man and the guy in the grocery store. Don´t judge them to not be good enough. God thinks them to be good enough, otherwise he wouldn´t live in them. Who are you to question that? God thinks you to be good enough. Otherwise you wouldn´t be able to exist.

And you do as you are reading these words. Honestly spoken, they are a trick of god to speak to you. He is using me, one part of oneness to reach you, another part of oneness. But one day you won´t read no more words on the outside, cause they will occur on your inside. That is my goal. To help you to not need me as an amplifier. But till that day, it´s my honour and pleasure to be your tool.

Shine your light!

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