We can´t loose what we love

We can´t loose what we love

Posted by Natalie Tue, August 30, 2016 02:50:15

We can´t loose what we love

The picture below portrays the physical manifestation of two miracles in my life, both illustrating very clearly that all that we really love comes back to us.

On this pic you see the first side of a childrens book. It´s been a story obout a little witch named „Amalia“ and I loved this book, cause as a little girl I´ve often been called „little witch“, but not in a nice way. The little witch in that book was very alike me. Very compassionate and nice, but didn´t fit in the world of the humans and also wasn´t accepted by the other witches. But she finally achieved happiness, choosing to live the best of both worlds. What has been an interesting prophecy of my own life.

I had received the book 2nd or 3rd hand. The girl, named as the owner on the left side, I had never heard of. And the dedication next to it, saying it´s been a gift of the „Schneider-Family“ totally confused me. I knew this book, like the most books on my shelf, had a publisher named „Schneider“. So reading this dedication I was wondering what a happy girl that must be, knowing the publisher of all these books. Children think that way and I didn´t know there are many Schneiders in this world.

Well my childhood was a bit…let´s call it „unstable“ and when I was 11 years old I had to leave my home very unexpected and all my belonging stayed behind me.

25 years later my daughter told me about an online-portal where people could search for books to exchange. I putted this childrens book on my want-list, not really expecting I might find a copy, but thinking it might be worth a try. I was overly happy when someone messaged me he´ll send me this book. I was joyful like a little child on christmas eve when I opened my parcel with the book in it. Well… I don´t find words to describe what I felt, when I looked at the first page and realized not only had I received a copy – it´s been my copy I´ve been holding in my hands. It´s been as if all the pieces of the universe would crumble for a splitsecond to just fall back on their perfect place to be. I felt, that all is always perfectly unfolding.

Well the second miracle has been about the gem in the picture and this story is even more magical. The black stone is a tourmaline and I´ve recieved the necklace as a common christmas gift from two soulmates: my daughter and a guy who´s been very close to me at that time.

It would be way to long and complicated to explain why this present had a deep deep meaning and therefore is very dear to me.
Well the guy and me had a really strong inner connection, but soulmates are our hardest task and so he and me finally parted and didn´t have any contact when the following happened:

I had to go to a medical and there I had to lay down all my jewelery on the doctor´s couch, that had a black cover. I remembered the moment I laid it there, already thinking a black background for a black gem isn´t that perfect. But there had been a lot of turmoil and I had to leave the room quickly for the next patient.
Later, already at home, I recognized I didn´t wear the necklace and was alarmed that I couldn´t remember to have taken it with me. I hoped that I might have putted it into my handbag, without conciously being aware of it, but although I searched the handbag again and again, the necklace wasn´t there. I called the doctor´s office, hoping someone might have found it there, but noone had seen it. To me it´s been a symbol of the lost love and I felt regret.

Quite a few month later, it´s been late in the evening and I´ve already been quite tired, but sitting at my computer and doing some writing, what is often a channeling-like state of mind. Suddenly, out of the nowhere, I had the strong impulse to go up. I really did and went to the wardrobe, took the handbag, that´s been in use all the time almost daily, and opened it. The second before my hand went into the handbag I already knew what I would touch. I almost couldn´t believe it when my hand came out of the handbag again, opened and there laid the necklace. If someone would ask me, how this might be possible, I would have to answer that we are living in a holographic universe. From this time on I knew, we can´t loose anything that is close to our heart. It´s entangeled with our energyfield and will return to us, whenever appropriate, no matter how unlikely the circumstances are. Not even time and space can stop it.
Yesterday an uncle died. May he be with all the loved ones already on the other side of the vail, having a gorgeous, heavenly party. We´ll all meet again.

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