Another point of view on blockages

While an Initiation-Process in August I had an interesting insight about a blockage I brought into this lifetime and that is mirrored in my birthchart.
I realized it´s been installed for good reasons.

While the initiation took place I´ve observed pictures and feelings of suffering from other lifetimes. I saw how these blockages have been installed into my field.
I also realized they had to be installed and that my Soul had given permission to that.
In the past I had the idea my Soul did so, cause she is untouched by all the earthly pain´n vain. Nope! She agreed to go through these hard times, because she has got the greater picture. And the greater picture is always one of love!

In my case I needed the blockage, cause time wasn´t ripe for a loving, free spirit to show himself openly. But now it is and therefore I´ve received the healing at the perfect point in time.

And I needed these experiences as a preparing for my calling, bringing healing onto earth. How should I, when not knowing pain? And that is what a lot of us did. Only when you´ve lived it all by yourself, you´ll gain enough understanding and compassion to assist others.

And you know what made me grin? I understood my Inquisitor, torturing me and draggin´me to the pyre, has been a co-worker at least, while he installed blockages in his and my system with his actions.
These blockages made him and me walk our paths and these paths met again in this lifetime. Both are now on the same side, working for oneness and the change to come.

May this insight bring peace and acceptance to all bleeding hearts <3
In the end all is well and all is love <3

Shine your light!

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