The inner storyteller sees only black and white


Everyone has a storyteller in his mind. As an author I am very aware of the fact that one story might be told in very, very different ways. But unknowingly there´s an author in all of us. Everything you experience he´s refering to from his own point of view. He´s relating to older stories, is making assumptions and suggestions, adding remarks and comments. Within a second we have a story instead of informations. And not two persons have the same story in their mind, even when they witness the same scenario.

We´ve got to be very aware. This inner storyteller is a huge divider. He divides the „I“, whos point of view is always correct and the other „I´s“ whom are all wrong. The „I“ can´t stand other points of view, as it identifies itself with his personal point of view. The other, wrong, stories have to be oppressed, fighted or even killed, just to be sure to be right.

Real, open, direct conversations would or could help to get a bigger picture. But most people aren´t really interested in a true communication, which could lead to a kind of communion with someone else. The „I“ has to be protected and separated. Therefore you could talk to someone in his I-solated story mind for hours, but never reach him. No matter what you say or do, and not even your pure love can reach this person, his filters wouldn´t let the message through. Chances are high, that you´d loose your balance also at this point. In the end you would only have two stupid ego-i-dentifications, each insisting to be right while the other is wrong. Been there, done that and seen it too often! It´s boring and destructive!

It´s way more interesting to open up for inspiration, new points of views, growth, change and exchange. Why recreate the same story again and again? Why not invite new points of view and listen to other impressions? We don´t loose our Identity when we connect with others, we are becoming richer. Instead of black and white, right or wrong, colors occur.

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