The flawsome new teachers

A new Kind of spiritual teachers is showing up lately. And there´ll be many more of this category, just you might not recognize them from the very beginnings. They aren´t easy to spot when they start, cause they don´t fit into the spiritual teacher´s box.

Why? Well, all of them are somehow imperfect. What? Yes, I swear it!
And you know what? Beyond all their abilities, their imperfections might be their biggest gift. Cause they allow you to be imperfect also. What a release!

I´m someone who has never been impressed by titels and positions, but when I met some of these new teachers, the boxes in my mind, which I didn´t even knew I have, simply collapsed because of the mindsplit I had to face. All of these persons are outstanding in their quality of healing and teaching, but in many cases they don´t have any diploma or special education, as what they bring in didn´t exist in that form before and can´t be learned with concepts. Well and their personalities also don´t seem to fit together with their high frequencies they deliver. The word flawsome describes them best.

I´m sure there is intend behind it, cause all having this similar attribute of obvious imperfection for sure is no accident.
It´s interesting, cause in some cases I have been even suspicious if they might be real or a fake, because of their quirks. But no, I´m sensitive to energies and all of them have been outstanding in their fields. The point is: They are very real. That´s their attribute. They aren´t holy, but human. That is their blessing. So their students don´t have to feel bad because they are also still human.

You want examples? Ok, as I know they can stand it easily, as they are already famous and established, so I won´t harm them, by naming them: Matt Kahn and Eric Pearl. I´ve seen both of them in person this year and I am deeply impressed by their work, but not sure if I like the persons very much. And that is nothing but perfect. No running after images. No icons. Focus on their work and not on the person that is delivering these extraordinary teachings.
The era of gurus is over. No more mistaking the teacher for the lesson. No new cults and religions, but teachings that are absolutely profound.

And now I´m telling you a well hidden secret. The teachers have always been imperfect, but had been putted in boxes. The masses recieved what they had expected. But the masks have never shown the essence. That is the reason why a follower of Buddha could never reach enlightenment by imitation, when not understanding the Buddha´s nature.

And the role of the Guru became also a trap for the teacher, that had to suppress the own human nature and therefore fell over it, when scandals made clear they are still humans. Won´t happen this time.
And being flawsome will also bring a selection of their students. The ones that need to worship a holy icon will gosipp about the food the teacher has eaten, him using cuss words or being sometimes impatient, but that will sort out the students perfectly.
All is: Perfectly Imperfect.

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