Projections and Scapegoats

Projections and Scapegoats

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Tue, August 23, 2016 16:29:50

Projections and Scapegoats

I realized lately why it´s been said that Jesus died for our sins. He didn´t. Noone dies for sins, may it be own or others. There´ll never be enough scapegoats and crosses to heal the pain of this world. So this saying just shows that Jesus hang at the cross because others projected their stuff onto him. They did him wrong and he loved them anyway, cause love is an undying force, noone can kill. I understood it, cause it happened also quite often to me that people used me as a canvas for their pictures of destortion. I guess that´s quite normal for lightworkers to be blamed. The ones that attack just hope their sins may die or vanish with the scapegoat. Won´t happen, no matter how often I´m dragged to a pyre or struggled to squash me. Sometimes I am even kind of bored by all this repetitions and I feel that it´s high likely Jesus not even stopped for a splitsecond to love Judas. Didn´t help anybody anyway, I guess, cause all the drama took place nevertheless.

Being the scapegoat is no fun as we all might have experienced. Actually it´s been quite painful to me. As I´m an empath I suffered because of their attack plus because I feel sorry for them and their pain, that makes them act the way they act. But after all I finally accept noone can unban someone else. You can´t love someone enough that he leaves hell. Everyone has to let go of the own shadows and demons by own intend. I had yesterday a little family drama going on and realized how much one involved person suffered and invested to build up her story, that makes her good and me evil, while it´s been the bloodiest lie of all times. But she had to, cause she could never live with the truth. Actually she could, cause she suffers because the soul knows it anyway, but that part she don´t understand. Only truth could end the pain and make room for love and grace, but won´t happen in this lifetime that´s close to an end.

So what to do if someone projects their stuff onto you? Well, I used to fight because of the inequity, I used to argue because of the lies, but it is all absolutely useless. They project their stuff because they need to, to make their own pain bearable and to keep the own illusions alive. They´ll keep going and you can´t stop them, no matter what you say or do.

So, I decided to let them all project whatever they prefer. Free will is king on planet earth. I´m out, playing in the sun and having fun.

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