Guilt is a most destructive force

Guilt is a horrible burden onto someones soul and the outcome is always destructive, as no one is able to carry guilt. Because people fear it, they run from that horrible feeling and therefore create more shitty stuff as they don´t recognize their creation. Or they blame the other and also recreate it, as they aren´t able to see it. Or they deny it, what will also create destructive outcomes.
Fight, flight and denial are very destructive survival technics out of the era of karma, as they repeat patterns endlessly, instead of finding solutions and to move forward.

Responsibility is the opposite of guilt. It comes in when we dare to face our actions. That might need bravery, but there exists no other way to end the suffering.

Fact is: we are mighty beings and responsible for our creations. Sometimes we don´t like them, as the outcome has been shitty, but we can´t change the past. We have to accept it, if we didn´t get the outcome we wanted.
All we´ve got is the present moment and we should make use out of it.
If we think, we might have made a mistake in our past, that is ok. We didn´t know better in this moment for whatever reasons. It is as it is.
By taking fully responsibility we look at our shortcommings and try to learn from them. The more we are aware of our actions and intends, the less likely it will be that we recreate that unwanted stuff.

To feel guilty means we are clinging on a past we can´t change. Insane. Responsibility is bringing us to the present moment, the only one available and the only one where we can change our destiny. By taking responsibility for our past, we are learning from it and enable us to built a brighter future.
In case we refuse that, the lesson will return, but in a hardened way. In case we feel guilty, we are building up resistance, what makes even the perpetrator a powerless victim. That´s a lie and no good for noone.

One reason why people have problems to take responsibility for their actions is that they struggle with the outcome of their words and actions. Be careful, that is where the sneeky thief guilt wants to grab you again. Never let guilt make you powerless.
In case you feel very sorry and wish you could have changed the outcome of the past, take a closer look if it is possible to really change that. That is a matter of balance. Don´t deny that you´ve created imbalance, for example in a relationship. From a higher perspective something like procecutor and victim don´t exist at all. But you are in duality and every healing here is created through balance. The reason why it feels bad is that you feel the imbalance.
It won´t help to deny, you´ve created that, cause you can feel it. The other side feels it also.

Tell someone you feel sorry, pay back stolen money. If someone you´ve done wrong refuses to speak to you or your fear is too big to face them, write a letter. If you have made mean remarks, explain why you did so and find something nice about this person and tell her. Show yourself freely and give love into the system. Be creative in this area. When someone confesses and says sorry (well and mean it), love and grace can come in to close the gap between these persons. And that is always possible, no matter how huge this gap seemed to be. Instand healing is always possible and I´ve seen unbelievable love and grace floating into the healing relationship. It´s magical.

On the other hand I´ve seen really nice people freakin´ out totally, when someone denies what he had done. That is way more cruel sometimes than the first act of imbalance. The first one might have been accidential or unconscious, but denial is an intential act of ignorance. Tell someone who has lost a loved one in a massacre, that it never happened. Or the spiritual advanced version: „You chose that. If you feel pain, that´s your problem.“ Well I´m responsible for my feeling, but you are responsible for your actions. If someone is bleeding the hell out of him, maybe someone stabbed him. Very simple.
To deny that is a sign of total lack of compassion. People lack compassion, cause their heart is frozen and closed, because they are afraid of the feeling of guilt and therefore they don´t take responsibility. Maybe they have once been manipulated through guilt and therefore closed their hearts. Like a child closing the eyes and pretending not to be there. Don´t do that, look your actions in the eye.

If it has been too huge, so you can´t bring back a balance, cause the person isn´t alive any more or you´ve taken a life and can´t bring it back, no matter how much responsibility you take, than just do your best: Help someone else, who is available. Do something good for humanity if you feel so, but don´t get excessive here (backdoor guilt), and than just let go. Divine grace is always working and you are a beloved child of god, no matter what you did. We all have been murderer, thiefs or cheaters in our many lifes.
Forgive yourself and ask for devine help, if you struggle with that. Your intend will bring in help.

Remember what Jesus said to the sinner: „Go and sin no more.“ In this sentence is all included. If someone sins no more, means he had taken responsibility, cause otherwise he would repeat it. He has learned from it. And he is still loved and still free.

Shine your light!

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