Pay forward

We all know what payback means. Someone gave you something and now you owe it to this specific person. That´s been the old system. It´s a traders mind and we even used it in our intimite relationships. “I love you and now you owe to love me back.”

Dare to change that.

Start to pay forward. Give something unconditionally to someone else and not want it back. If this person can´t believe it, tell them that in case the day occurs they have more than enough, they might do this to someone else.

It doesn´t matter how big or small it is that you give, just that you give it with an intent of freedom and love. It´s a gift. Don´t care about what the other does with it. That´s none of your business.

Try it. That´s the new earth. The planet where everyone is abundant on all levels.

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