Rocky water

Once there was a stone in a stream. This stone was proud of his strenght and despised the water, touching him again and again, until the stone got furious and angry. He beated against the water, opposed it and tried to push it away. But this intangible element just kept flooding. The stone couldn´t stop it, no matter how rocky he behaved.

The stone recognized he started to loose substance in this fight, so he yelled at the water: “Will you stop to drown me, your fleeciness is disgusting!“
The water wondered „Why do you resist?“
“I´m a solid stone, don´t touch me with your weakness!“
„You call me weak? I`m even stronger than you and don´t you dare to stand in my way!“

The stone opposed the water, beating incessantly against it, but nothing did help. The more he fighted the water, the harder the water pushed back. The more the stone resisted, the more he lost substance. The more the water pushed, the more the stone was in the way, disturbing the flow with resistance.

But finely both became tired and suddenly they decided to surrender. And oh wonder, their world became smooth and easy. The stone purled: „Dear water, it´s fine that you flow. Embrace me with your lovely stream.“ The water mumbled „Oh dear stone, it´s okay. Just hold me tight and give me direction.“

They now form a beautiful little river in union, crossing the middle of my town. The egrets have lunch in it, children playing at its shore and I love to go there for a walk.

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