The little owl

The little owl

Once upon a time, there was a little owl, working in mag(net)ic service. She was working for the Prayer and Ordinary Orders Registration Office, also known as P.O.O.R.
To be honest, she didn´t like her job very much. Nor did she like the jokes her family-members made about her, being a poor owl, earning a poor income.

Every day tons and tons of all kinds of messages arrived, all sounding very urgent. The little owl worked really hard, but it never went better and she and her co-workers had often to work overtime.
But although it´s been a lot of stressfull work, the little owl recognized she was bored after a while. The messages were so often the same: „If I would have just more money…“, „Lord, make him love me.” or „ Oh please, please let this day soon be over.” Oh no, the last sentence made an echo in her mind!

The little owl started to make mistakes and one day she was called into the office of her boss. Her boss said: „Have a seat. It can´t go on that way! Do you know what you did? You´ve sorted Sarah Johnsons: „Fuck you!” she pointed at the guy, taking her parking lot, under „Relationship Arrangements“! The little owl, starred down at her owl-feet and mumbled: „Just took her literal. People shouldn´t say things they don´t mean!“ Her boss looked at her and stated: „You don´t like your job much, hmm?“ „Well, how could I? The prayers became less, but the ordinary orders are flooding our office. What are the guys at the Ordinary Order Parcel Service doing? OOPS, we didn´t reach you?“ Why don´t they deliver what people need? I´m really cheesed up with all the neverending incoming orders.“
„Hmm, you guess it would be more fun to deliver orders?“ „Of course it is. Must be beautiful to give all this beautiful gifts to the people.” „Well, don´t forget, we deliver what they need, not what they´ve ordered.“ „But, isn´t that just amazing?! By the way, seeing it that way, Sarah Johnsons order was sorted perfectly. She´s overworked and…. you know. She ordered exactly what she needed.“ Her boss starred at her and the little owl wasn´t sure if he would burst out with laughter or anger. But he took a deep, deep breath and sighed. „You are a really nasty little owl. Well, as everything is always working out heavenly perfect and you´ve got to make your experiences, I´ve got to tell you that they are looking for new owls at the Divine Delivery Department.“ The little owl almost couldn´t believe it. She fluffed her feathers in exitement. „I´m going to work at the DDD? That sounds already like singing.“ „Well, fill in this formular and after lunch break you´ll go the the Devine Enhanced Apprenticeship Terminal Hall. The little owl hooted again and again: „Thank you! Thank you, so much.“ While she left the office, she already started to twitter to her family and friends, she´s going to be a DDD-Owl soon.

The education for the DDD turned out to be way more difficult than the little owl had expected, cause divine deliveries are very special. Of course the ordinary parcels were heavenly perfect also. All brought what people needed and therefore there was love in every parcel, even when it came in karmic wrapping paper. But the DDD parcels came at a special point in peoples lifes. They arrived when they had worked it out and created a huge potential to really express their true self. The DDD delivered opportunities for huge changes in their lifes.

At her first working day the little owl looked at all the beautiful gifts she had to deliver and her eyes began to shine. So much love in each one of them, so many beautiful potentials. She almost couldn´t await to deliver the first parcel. Before she started her tour an angel showed up and handed her a little beeper. „Call me, if you need me. This job is more difficult than one might assume.“ And he was right. You wouldn´t believe what the little owl experienced. People denied to have ordered at all, didn´t receive any reminder and other claimed the gift should be bigger or have more gold on it, to show the importance. Some said they couldn´t afford it, although she said it´s for free. Others insisted to not have enough space, the parcel is too big. Almost nobody took his parcel instantly. Not to mention they would be happy about it.

One reason was that they didn´t understand what they received, as they looked at it with human eyes and only saw stuff. You don´t know what you don´t know. One guy got a little scratchbook, not knowing he would use it one day when his mobile wouldn´t work, to write down an idea that would change the whole planet. The pair of shoes a woman refused, she would have worn, to stumble with it and bump into the love of her life. The DDD Parcels brought change and people are afraid to change. And they wanted their issues to be fixed for them instead of solving the core of it themselves with heavenly support. They felt overwhelmed. They didn´t trust heaven and didn´t trust themselves.

At the end of her first day the little owl sat at a huge amount of refused opportunities and felt sad. She had lost a few feathers and sighed. The beeper angel showed up next to her. „Why didn´t you call me?“ „I´m a failure and didn´t wanted to bother you.“ The angel hugged the little owl. „No, you´re not. You´re doing great. And you don´t bother me. To assist you is my divine job and I love it. Not to ask for help doesn´t make sense. When you thrive, the DDD orders can be easier delivered.
While the angelhug the owl started to relax. „It´s harder than I thought.“ „It is, but you´ll learn to deal with it. Just don´t take it personal. That´s the same mistake the humans make, they take you for the DDD, so they bless you or curse you, while you are just doing what heaven wants you to do and what is needed. And you´re showing up at a difficult point in their lifes. Before the new arises, the old is torn apart. They have lost their old lifes and can´t see the new.“

The angel helped the owl to bring the parcels to the storehouse. The owl asked: „When there are so many refusals and lost opportunities, why isn´t this house bigger?“ Oh, the parcels are stored at a multidimensional level, there´s no time and space.“ „Why not?“ „Well you wouldn´t believe how long it sometimes takes to deliver them.“ „But does that mean all will be received?“ „Yes all…sooner or later. But to heaven it´s always now.“

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