It´s never about you

It´s often said, that people do to themselves what they do to others. That sounds quite aloof, but it´s not. It´s a profound truth and you might take these things literally.

The one fooling you, is fooling himself.

The one betraying you, betrays himself.

The one belitteling you, feels small himself.

The one fighting you, is fighting himself.

The one rejecting you, is rejecting himself.

The one oppressing you, oppresses himself.

The one abandoning you, abandons himself.

The one limiting you, is limiting himself.

Of course the majority of people is totally unaware of these patterns. But if you understand this principle, people are very easily unmasked.

The reason why this projection is taking place is, that most people don´t refer to your real being. They are totally self-absorbed. Everything else in the world exists only in their context. To them you are just an externalisation of their inner picture of you in a role as their friend, husband, wife, boss, child etc. They are just looking at a mirror, blaming him for the reflection he offers. It might seem as if they´d attack you, but they don´t. How could they? They have never dared to reach out to connect with your whole being, with all your many facettes and dimensions, that is living in an astonishing wonderland behind the looking glass, just like Alice.

Shine your light!

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