How to deal with emotional loss

We all have to face it in our lifes: Someone is dying or leaving us and this loss is creating a feeling of heartbreak and emotional pain.

The word heartbreak describes a strong feeling of pain, that seems to tear our heart apart. It´s because we can´t stand this two different perspectives. The one perspective of beautiful memories, mirroring our feeling of love totally collides with the perspective of the loss, often sharpened with elements of tragedy, betrayal or abandonment. We can´t bring together these two different points of view and therefore our mind and our heart can´t process the information, as we asume only one might be true.

It is and it is not. On the physical realm all is in constant change and therefore nothing lasts forever. All things born are going to die. But only their physical forms do so. From the souls perspective nothing is ever seperated. There´s not even a bond that could be riped. Souls aren´t bonded, they are part of one creation. Every love we experience is part of the one love that is the only eternal that exists.

You are the one, chosing the perspective. As the physical realm can´t be denied, make room to process this feeling of loss and pain. Don´t suppress your emotions, but know they are like the clouds in the sky. Coming and going, changing forms and fading.

While the process of grief try to stay centered and aware, don´t run away, but don´t loose yourself in self-pity. Give yourself the comfort of compassion. Compassion has a loving, assisting quality, that will carry you. It´s the water to wash and heal your wounds with love. It´s a total different quality as pity, which weakens you and would make you drown in a flood of muddy water.

Love yourself enough to give yourself time and space for this transformative process. Nourture yourself with everything that gives you the feeling of comfort, may it be a walk in nature, the starlight, a cup of tea, music or creating arts.

And than let go and change to the bigger perspective. No matter what the circumstances are, the eternal truth of the soul is love.
I´ve been working with people with a quantum healing form of family constellations. There has never ever occured one tragedy where the involved souls haven´t shared pure love with each other, no matter how extreme the circumstances on earth have been. Try to honour the shared path, that now seperates for a while until we all reunite. After giving room for the grief, now give room for the love. Be thankful for all you´ve shared with each other. Than honour the others souls path and let go. Pay respect to your own souls path and let go.

Don´t resist and don´t fight reality. It is as it is. The involved souls agreed to do so, otherwise reality would be other. You can´t know the reasons for it, as you are in human form. Our earthly perspective can´t grasp the souls path. There is absolutely no reason to stay in misery. Beauty and love isn´t lost, but still alive, inviting you to rejoin them. Have faith and trust and move on.

Shine your light!

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