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Twin Flames – The purifying Love

Meeting your Twin is the most purifying love experience you will ever have. It will bring up everything in your being that isn´t balanced.

It may seem like heaven and hell at once, as your reactions towards each other can be really extreme and only someone who has met his/her own twin can understand what´s going on. The rest of the world might just think you are crazy.

As we know how unusual this experience is, but also how important on your souls journey, we bring together 3 of us Twins on next Friday, May 25th 2018 for a quantum healing webinar about the topic of the twin flame. No matter if you met your Twin already or want to prepare yourself for this magic moment, you might benefit greatly from this event. Therese Wenk and me are collaborationg again on this event, to work with the participants on an energetic level, as we are both quantum healers. My speciality is more on the emotional level, while Therese is more focussed on the DNA and this combo really rocks, as we can offer you a state of emotional balance and if you choose so, assist you to anchor it on the physical level.

For me personally meeting my Twin was something I didn´t understand at that point in time and that literally brought me to my knees. Although I thought for a while I might be cursed because of the intensity of the experience, it has really been a blessing as it was a major step on my own journey until I finally became the ” healer of hearts”. To meet my twin cracked my heart open and teached me unconditional love. What many people don´t want to accept is, that you have to become whole within yourself, have balanced your own inner male/female aspects to be able to live the heavenly version of the Twin Flame Story. So instead of focussing on what the other is doing wrong or how terrible outer conditions are, it´ll benefit you more when going inside and taking full responsibility for your own Souls Journey. Love yourself unconditionally, integrate all your aspects, including your shadows, is the key to be ready for this epic Lovestory. As it is epic as can be. When two come together, who are already whole within themselves, they can literally move mountains. Nothing is impossible for true love. May you find it…and embody it.

Shine your Lovelight <3

Save your seat, by clicking on this link. For live-participants the replay is inclusive. If you can´t make it at the given time, register anyway, as this is taking place in the quantum field and the replay is just as effective as being a live-participant. To buy the replay later just use the same link. If you prefer to enter live, check out your timezone, to convert 7 p. m. Berlin/Zurich into your local time.

Why true love scares the sh*t out of people

Everybody talks about love. But what most people mean by love is that they want to have, own, consume something. True Love, the way I see, feel, express it, is something totally different for me and it really scares people. It´s too much. That´s why I have been too much all my life and why I have been hiding my true being for so long.

When I am talking about Love I speak about a feeling that is living inside of me, it is awakened when something or someone reminds my of my essence. Can be anything or anyone. A cat strolling along the street, a toddler reaching out to a flower, a twinkeling star on the nightsky, the laughter of a woman, the smile on a face, the tender touch of a hand, the way someone plays the piano or jumps into a puddle. It touches my heart, the Rose inside of me. I enjoy what I witness, but I do not need to own it, grab it, consume it. I am that I am. Noone can take anything from me, therefore I do not need anything and can enjoy all along my way.

To step into the awareness of my lovelight brings out extreme reactions in people. Some start crying, because they are not used to it to be really seen, loved, valued. It´s a release and surrender into the truth of their beautyful eternal being.

And some start to attack me, searching for my imperfections as they can not accept that they are perfect in my eyes. Not because I turn a blind eye. I´ve got a virgomoon in my natal(ie) chart. I see all, every “imperfection”, believe me. And even more, my pisces venus feels your discomfort, my mercury in aquarius just knows about your judgements. But see, to me all of the above doesn´t matter. It is not what you are, but a momentary state. It´s the way the divine chose to express itself, so I am fine with it. The one attacking me and/or denying himself not. You wouldn´t believe what BS people tell me, why they are not worthy or they look at me and tell me why I am still not good enough to be a master. Says it all, why they can not be a master in their minds eye. And so they go on another rampage, another run, another round of denial and it´s all fine with me. It´s all perfect.

It´s been the reason why I have been hiding my true nature for so long. I wasn´t ready to deal with it, it broke my heart a million times and time just wasn´t ripe before. Now it is, I will no longer hide to make it more comfortable for those that might get a spiritual sunburn, or loveburn. This world needs more love, not less.

I write this to remind you, that you are not better or less than I am. Nobody is. Just be yourself, shine the way the lovelight wants to express itself through you. You are beautiful beyond measure and you are dearly loved. That´s all and it´s all that is.

The Love of your Life

Honestly, it is time that we all meet the Love of our Life. Enough is enough! So, I´ll introduce you with her now. Go up from your chair, leave the room, go to the bathroom, enter it and look in the mirror. Open your eyes and embrace whatever you see.

There she is! The Love of your life! Look her deep in the eyes, enjoy their beautiful color and their deep, touching expression and than tell her: “I´ve been looking for you everywhere and I am so happy that now, finally, I found you. I promise to never leave you again, I will stay with you every minute of my life and will always be loyal and true to you, no matter what. I love you deeply and want to ask you to marry me.”

Sounds funny, but may be the most important thing you´ll ever do. I did it, really. I married myself spontaneously August 30th, 2013. As I didn´t have the money to go on a trip to Rome, I took myself out to an Italian Restaurant and I promised myself eternal love, spoken out loud in ceremony, made myself a beautiful gift and made this day unforgetable. And yes, do it with all details, I mean it. You may be the best lover you may find yourself anyways 😉 To have a ritual, a date to celebrate every year, changes something in your relationship with yourself. Bring together your inner male and female aspects. Melt them and make them work together. No more inner wars. Unity on your inside will make you a much happier person.

You may of course have other lovers, also. Maybe even marry someone. But never ever dare to leave yourself for someone else. Cause that is now your personal boundary: If you have to leave yourself, treat yourself mean, be forgetful to yourself or harm yourself for any another relationship, she´s not worth it. Leave the other, return to yourself, stay true to yourself! You deserve it!

Shine your light!


Dinner at the Coloseum
Yes! Ja!

The cursed children

Once upon a time … there was a little boy, that had been raised by a narcissistic mother. As she feared her own vulnerability and emotions, she suppressed them in herself and in her child. She believed this world to be a cruel, cursed place and created her own reality. The frightened son didn´t receive love, only a false surrogat, when he acted in a way that pleased the mother. She felt releaf when her child seemed to “be better” than others. But as the child had been punished the same time when not pleasing her, he didn´t create real self-worth,  but absorbed the love surrogate, while deep inside still believing to be unworthy.

Once upon a time …there was a little girl with a narcissistic mother and as the mother feared her own vulnerability and emotions, she tried to suppress them in herself and her child. She believed this world to be a cruel, cursed place and created her own reality. The frightened daughter didn´t receive love, only a false surrogat, when she acted in a way that pleased the mother. She felt releaf when her child seemed to “be better” than others. But goodness, her child was a total failure, and seldom able to make things right. No matter how much the little girl tried, the mother was never truly satisfied. Most of the time the child felt abandoned, just once in a while she received the love surrogate, while deep inside still believing to be unworthy.

When they grew up, the boy became a narcissist and the girl a people-pleaser and of course they´ve been attracted to each other. What seemed like a cruel joke, to recreate the circle of distortion. But this perspective is the cursed one, the problem. The truth is that the universe is a loving one, looking for balance and so(u)lution. To not ask the other for the surrogate, but create self-love and deep acceptance.

In the end all is well and all is love!