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The danger of opening the heart

I just came across someone stating that “opening the heart can be dangerous”. I know many people believe the same and of course a broken heart is the main reason why people search my advise and healing skills. Well,…what is indeed dangerous are people that don´t dare opening their heart. If you look around in the world you will recognize it´s the ones that do not dare to love whom are causing the trouble. Obviously they create pain for others, but on the long run also for themselves. And when we allow it, pain is infectious.

What people mean when they say they fear to open their heart is, that they do not trust in their own abilities. The abilities to make wise decisions, to have integrity, decisiveness…and when all of the above fails: in their ability to recover.

The benefit of an often broken heart is that you´ll discover that you are invincible.

Truth is that when you are a loving kind person, you’ll attract lots of nice people, but between them will be a few that take your open heart for weakness and try to take advantage of it. Happened a million times to me…until I realized nothing ever happened to me. I am happy, alive and thriving, while a lot of those people trying to fool and hurt me are miserable, unhappy or already dead. The old ways don’t work anymore. The light is winning and to enter the team one has to open the heart. There’s no other way to thrive in the new energies.

What happens when an open heart meets a closed one? Truth is that I prefer loving kind people, but in the end all is serving me, that is coming my way. And I have found my strength and integrity when I dared to love myself and others. There´s a saying:”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Well even when it killed me, it made me not only stronger, but also wiser. I know I can handle everything and still love deeply.

Because I love deeply, I can handle everything. That´s what you´ll find out, when you dare it.

Hurt people hurt people. When you close your heart you´ll add to the problem. When you open your heart you become a living so(u)lution.

Shine your light, dear One <3


Your problem is a pro

Each problem is a search for solutions and each ailment is a search for health.

Even the words show the hidden treasure. Your problem includes a pro. And ailment is a hint for h ail.

As we are living in duality things are delivered through contrast. This contrast that might make you suffer, really makes you search for release and completion. There´s no need to suffer. Just look out for the so(u)lution.

“The problem isn´t the problem; the problem is our attitude about the problem.” Captain Jack Sparrow

Sounds funny, but is true. No, of course I know how serious all problems feel. Have had enough of them myself…and they still show up, even life-threatening sometimes. What do you think how a Soulutioner is trained? With tons of shitty issues. Seen it all, been it all. Just to love it all.

We focus on the problem. We allow the problem to create our attitude, we give our power to the problem. The reason why we suffer is that our attitude recreates the problem. If you allow the problem to shape your attitude, you just create the cause for a repetition.

The most difficult point in my work is to see what the real issue is. Sometimes things are entangled and twisted. That´s the reason why even very evolved persons are needing assistance. When you are too close you can´t see it. And of course we´ve all got our blind spots.

Try to find the true issue and ask yourself: What is your problems gift? How does it want to serve you? What is your lesson? What is the pattern? What makes you miserable? Than start to install the opposite than normal, cause the opposite brings balance. And all healing is a state of balance. Your old normal recreated the issue. Find a new normal.

What is really helpful: Just love your problem. Even when you don´t have a solution. Honor that it tries to assist you. Brings sometimes sudden wonders.

Here are some common issues, just to inspire you:

  • Your feeling of rejection might be a call to accept all that is, first of all yourself.
  • Your anger might be just your suppressed passion. Live it.
  • Your loneliness might bring you in alignment with your core. Cause that is where you are all one. And it will guide you to the people that feel like home.
  • Your sadness might ask you to find happiness and joy.
  • Powerstruggles might be a call to find your own power within yourself. You own it and nobody can take it from you, unless you hand it over.
  • Desillusions might deliver you truth and a deep sense of reality.

These are just some examples. Every person is different and in the end all so(u)lutions are found within yourself. But Love is always the Master-So(u)lutioner. May s/he guide you well.

Shine your light!