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The I-dentity Game

From the first day when we arrive on earth people tell us

a) who we are

b) who we are supposed to be.

To me that´s been the biggest issue on my spiritual path. a + b used to disconnect me from my true self and spirit.

It´s the cause of all self worth issues on this planet and the root of all the distortions we create.

Until this very day people throw their judgements onto me. My spiritual path makes me “crrrazy” in their eyes. My dedication to my path is seen as “naive”, “pointless”, “unrealistic” by people whom see success only when it comes in titles and money. Oh, and  don´t  get me wrong, being judgemental is not only an issue of everydays people, the spiritual communities are sometimes even worse, as there are a lot of people in it who want to be better in some way. The spiritual role can be totally distorted. They have just changed their topic from youthfulness and versace to yoga-positions and vegan cheese. It´s still an attempt to make the own ways the better and the other as “less”.

And all of it has been just an issue as long as I accepted it. When I look back it didn´t even matter if I still believed in their judgement or later felt into my inner truth and resisted their accusations. It really doesn´t matter if we buy into the ways of the distorted ego, or fight and resist it – we still feed it when we give any attention or energy into it. Until we don´t. End of game.

Dare it. Don´t compromise yourself for false friends. Be true to yourself and it won´t really matter who you loose, all you will win is your time, money, energy and self worth. Someone elses point of view has nothing to do with our own relationship with ourselves. What is the one that really counts on the long run.

All else might come and go, but “you with you” – that´s for eternity.

The ego, what is a huge topic in many spiritual teachings, is only arising when the self is denied. There´s no need to deny or fight the ego, if we allow us to simply be, the ego will no longer be an issue. It´s the ultimate coming home.

Please never feel bad about the human experience. Once we chose to express ourselves in the adventures of physical experiences, where we feel apart from source. There´s nothing wrong about it, we are the bravehearts of the multiverse for going into this density. And when we incarnate we need a kind of identity, so we create roles. But it should be our own creation and choice and we should be aware that we can change it every moment, as we are a fractal of all that is, free to be whatever we choose. The ego is arising the moment when we deny ourselves for the above mentioned a + b of others. It has invested in the lies and holds on to them for dear life. Have compassion for its fears, but choose your true, eternal being.

How can we know if it is a false identity or our true self, that we express? Whenever we act out of our true being, we feel in alignment with creation. We feel at peace and at ease. Often we can experience this kind of flow when we are creative in some way. For me writing for example feels natural, as I am at ease and love this kind of selfexpression. There´s no time when I am in the flow. Also nature works for me and many others to get in touch with the eternal self.

The more exhausting an identity, a role, is – the further it is apart from our real self.

That´s why a job for a paycheck is often exhausting and our true calling is normally fun. Well, and often the pressure is what kills the pleasure. We have to create out of an inner passion and fire, coming from our soul, otherwise we lose even interest in our most beautiful activities.

May you be happy with no ending. One and in love with your true self.

Showing up

Lately there’s been a whole lot of showin´ going on. This is the review.

The Master watches it all and has fun. I recognized how some tried to sneak around without showing themselves. Some showed a lack of understanding, compassion and honesty, be lie ving to be able to not be seen for who they are. Some tried to steal the show, others tried to prevent it. Life’s a stage and the roles and characters have been really interesting. A Master just recognizes timing and acting, while staying neutral and never getting really hooked into the mirrors and fogs, that fill the scenery. All kinds of characters showing up, changing names, changing games and still staying the same.

I realized how even a facebook account can be seen as a kind of scary Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show, while I just had fun, doing the freeing TimeWarp with my Brothers and Sisters. Others believed to be part of a childrens fairy tale, never realizing that little red riding hood is sended into the woods to catch herself a wolf 😉 Way too innocent to fall for an enchanted prince charming. And some are so blinded by the light of their own importance that they missed the whole show, when Candyland got blown up, because of a nice twist in the script. Different points of views…one play.

Others believed the show is an opportunity to get fed and not be seen for what they are. Well virtual popcorn has been served. A plastic Rose even proudly and openly stating to have been sended by her master to have an eye on me, not realizing she´s been just showing her chains and dishonor, while the spells of the black magic woman just felt off the abused that very night. Others trying to return to the light, without having to take ownership for their actions. And some did and have been welcomed. Silently, behind the scenes.

Why did all of that happen? Because the Masters had shown up for a showdown, that’s been noticed by just a few, but the outcome is going to be legendary.

One can not come close to a master and still believe to not be seen by the lasersharp light of consciousness. A Master has a lot of compassion and might even dance with a few shadows and demons, as s/he´s afraid of no-thing  and always able to have fun…but finally people have to realize what they caused, by standing in their own way and mostly harming themselves. Well, some go on the painful journey to embrace their shadows and become whole again by letting go of all they are not and some just go on another run, hoping to never have to face their own creation again… good luck with that one.

A Master is totally unimpressed by demons, angels and all kind of roleplay, always seeing  the eternal light behind the masks, as this has been the own game/creation for such a long time and some favorite plots been just reoccurring. And what has it been all about?

To quote myself at the beginning of our threesome quantum healing event: “We´re not here for the show. Of course we did show up and might show how it’s going, but we´re not here for the show, but for the people.” The participants have been co-workers, by the intent of their Souls, each representing a special form of abuse/energetic split, that’s been searching for healing and wholeness…I bow before the souls that chose to be a representative for humanity. You are greatly honored, as you have honored yourself. It took quite a few hours until it’s been in the field of the collective consciousness. When the download into the grid finally took place it almost blew me out of my physical body, but I couldn´t care less, I´ve been blessed and overly happy to see we made it. And it´s been noticed already, although the ripple effect might need quite some time in many cases. And of course not everyone chooses freedom. Some love their chains just too much to leave the SM-Showroom of Master and Servant, still waiting for their personal Jesus out of the Astral Illusionary Show instead of mastering themselves.

This article goes out especially because of the many, many Souls who have been coworking that will never stand in the spotlight of the earthly realms, but who did so much for so many for so long. I know it´s not been easy, but we chose it with intend and hereby changed the whole game. We prepared with much Love and Com/passion and the eternal stage gets standing ovations for this masterly play. Nothing else matters. Shine your light…for real, not for the show 😉

Happy go lucky

Happy go lucky

Posted by Natalie Sun, August 28, 2016 17:48:03

December 6th, 2014 has been a remarkable day in my life. On that day I´ve been at a huge party in Berlin, initiated by the author and coach Veit Lindau. The idea behind that day was to bring together like-minded people, interested in evolving and cocreating a better future, whatever that meant to each and every single one of the crowd.

In the evening the party took place as a huge playground, where everyone played „as if“ they´d already achieved what they were looking for. For example: behave completely as if you are already the bestseller author or the happily married woman you wanna become. It´s been hilarious, watching all the people playing out their dreams! The brilliant idea behind „Fake it ´till you make it“ is to install the feeling, that will attract what you want.

On this day I had an important insight. Of course I would love to see my books on a bestseller-list or experience a happy love-relationship, but I´ve already experienced that success might be a stressful guest and a happy marriage can fail nevertheless. So I had decided to choose a feeling and let life deliver the rest. I simply chose to be „happy“ – and almost instantly exploded with light and joy. A bit later that day I met a Reiki master and she stayed by my side for the rest of the day, not able to take her eyes from me and repeating again and again “You are totally radiant, never seen such.“

This day changed my life, cause I had chosen wisely. Of course I am still recieving my share of tears, but they can´t harm me very long. Because I chose „happy“ life delivers me beautiful moments. People love spending time with me, I receive gifts, postcards, invitations, hugs and lucky circumstances again and again. But I am only able to receive all of that because of my choice.

I´m sure I would never have attracted the money to journey 2015 to Israel and 2016 to the States and Norway, all of that bringing in further change and much growth, if I wouldn´t be the happy person that I am.

As already mentioned I am still experiencing pain and grief. And I am giving space for that. When I´m sad, I allow myself to be sad, when tears show up, I let them clean the system. There is nothing to suppress, nothing to hide, nothing to fix. And there is no reason to not let the sun in again, also.

A month ago someone I really love cut me off without one word of explanation, letting me hanging loose with a business to build up. I had tons of work the last weeks and on my table are 3 tax declaritions to fill in. I´ve gained weight, in summer! And much worse I´ve recieved a few days ago a call that an uncle is in coma and about to die. When I wanted to phone my mother, telling her her brother is going to die, she refused to talk to me. Her millionandfirst time of abandonment in this lifetime.

Well, guess what? Here I am, enjoying a nice white coffee and being nothing but happy. Cause, as I am a happy woman, not loosing herself in grief, the last month brought also unbelievable beautiful moments with amazing female friends, filled with love, laughter and loyality. I recieved healing and initiation and found while a clean-up forgotten money to pay for it. I´ve recieved lots of compliments and encouragement and deep in my bones I feel there is way more to be attracted by this happy woman, that I´ve decided to be.

Life is what we choose!

Shine your light!

It´s never about you

It´s often said, that people do to themselves what they do to others. That sounds quite aloof, but it´s not. It´s a profound truth and you might take these things literally.

The one fooling you, is fooling himself.

The one betraying you, betrays himself.

The one belitteling you, feels small himself.

The one fighting you, is fighting himself.

The one rejecting you, is rejecting himself.

The one oppressing you, oppresses himself.

The one abandoning you, abandons himself.

The one limiting you, is limiting himself.

Of course the majority of people is totally unaware of these patterns. But if you understand this principle, people are very easily unmasked.

The reason why this projection is taking place is, that most people don´t refer to your real being. They are totally self-absorbed. Everything else in the world exists only in their context. To them you are just an externalisation of their inner picture of you in a role as their friend, husband, wife, boss, child etc. They are just looking at a mirror, blaming him for the reflection he offers. It might seem as if they´d attack you, but they don´t. How could they? They have never dared to reach out to connect with your whole being, with all your many facettes and dimensions, that is living in an astonishing wonderland behind the looking glass, just like Alice.

Shine your light!