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Mothers Day

Mothers Day and Valentines Day are the two events that are making the florists businesses profitable. One is dedicated to the motherly love, the other to the romantic love.

Honestly they are a shame. If you need a day to honor love, while you don´t express appreciation and love the rest of the year, to buy flowers and sweets doesn´t do it.

As a woman I ask to be honored all year long. As someone who is giving the nurturing, motherly love all year long, to so many people around me, I ask to be respected every single day of the year.

To me it is the expression of a great imbalance and pain in the collective. We (ab)use the feminine and disrespect it. And that´s not a gender-bashing. Has nothing to do with the genitals you are born with. Every human has male and female aspects inside of them. I know a lot of women that do not respect the feminine and see it as less. Even a lot of those, that are feminists or in the goddess-movement are really expressing a distorted energy towards the feminine. Who tries to be ” a better man” or “better than men” is not really stepping into the own femininity. What has a lot to do with the way our society is working, the focus on power and domination. Everyone thinks s/he has to be right, better, superior and being co-operative, caring and loving is seen as nice, but weak. Men might suffer from that distorted point of view too. Not only is it still difficult to express what is seen as feminine as a man, so they have to oppress a part of themselves. But they are also the first to be sended to war, to be sacrificed for the values of a distorted society.

Mothers Day has an american origin, where it´s a national holiday since 1914, the year when World War I started. That´s deeply ironic as one of the roots is a Mothers-Peace-Movement that Julia Ward Howe has founded with the goal that the sons of the mothers will no longer be sended to war. We didn´t stop war, but instead started selling products. One can not buy or sell love, although we try it endlessly.

Yesterday some cows visited my friend and co-worker Muriel Shickman. Cows are a typical symbol for the abuse of this energy. I start to understand why more and more people can not process milk in their body. We want to be nurtured all of our lifes, while we are grown-up long ago. And we do not even pay respect towards these animals, that give us their milk.

We do also not respect Gaia, which until this very day nurtures all of us. Today I went to the nearby park where the Roses bloom. In the evening young people meet there and drink.  They may do as they want, but again and again they throw around their trash, break bottels and leave a mess. Today when I came along, they had left a huge pile of empty boxes, laying directy in front of the empty trash can, to show they do not care. Someone will come along and take care, someone they do not pay respect to. Only the strong and relentless forces are valued. And this is what has to be changed.

And yes, we as women and mothers have enabled this behaviour. It´s not enough to blame the relentless, dominiering forces, we have to take responsibility for not taking our rightful place in society, for not standing up for our values. What I hereby do for myself 😉

Another thing, that hit me today. Do not just honor your mother or care for your kids, but do it everywhere your heart feels called to.

Shine your lovelight <3


When you love yourself you become free

Today its been four years ago, that I decided to “love, honor and respect myself”. I married myself and started a journey to integrate all of my aspects and to create peace within. I acted spontaneously, because I had enough from the distorted games between men and woman. I understood that searching for fulfillment through someone else was madness. I had always taken other people way too serious and that made me vulnerable and undermined my self-worth. Others had been able to fool, manipulate or dominate me…in the name of love. I realized that to “need” another being to be happy, was pure madness. It´s been normal, everybody played these distorted games, but that didn´t mean that their normal was healthy for me.

To “marry myself” not only changed my point of view on partnering, but on all kind of relationships. I hereby freed myself and those around me. I started to accept myself more and more, to bring back my own aspects and I started to live the only eternal lovestory we all experience, the one with my divine core, my essence, my soul self.

When we need “the other” to be our fairy tale, s/he has to behave as we wish and expect them. That´s not love, that is slavery. You are the one to make yourself happy, to fulfill your dreams. To love ourselves is the end of all excuses. If we are not happy it is because of us, not because of someone else.

Most of my relationships of all kinds became much better the last four years. As I do not need others, I can really enjoy being with them. I love to co-operate with others, to exchange wisdom, points of view,  experiences…or to just be with them, to enjoy our being together. That doesn´t even need a reason at all.

Of course there are still people I do not get along with very well, but I just let them be. Everyone is as free as I am. The only real trouble I experience once in a while is with needy people. They will try to hold me accountable for all they do not create themselves in their lifes. As they are no sovereigns, they will try all: domination, manipulation, lies, demands, blame, shame, guilt, scapegoating, projection, denial and revenge. And they find a thousand reasons why I have to be, do and act as they want me to.  But it all comes to one point: They need slaves to fulfill their needs, as they do not dare to be sovereigns and to take responsibility for their own being.

Please do, as to love, honor and respect yourself will free you <3

Pain shows your soul is insisting

Your feelings are a good indicator of your state of well-being. Listen to them, they are serving you well.

If we feel emotional pain, we think the source of the pain is someone elses words or actions. Nope. It´s not. It is your Soul, saying you believe something that is not true and not grounded in love.
You might say: “Yes this cheatin´idiot didn´t express truth or love, when betraying me, therefore I feel pain.” Yes and no. It´s high likely that his actions haven´t been grounded in truth and love, but this pain is not about him. It is about you. What are your assumptions in this case?
“He never loved me. I´m unworthy.” Lie. Ouch.
“He chose her, cause she´s younger. I´m old and ugly.” Lie. Ouch.
“Why does that always happen to me? I must be stupid to fall in love with such a fraud.” Lie. Ouch.
“I´ve wasted the last 5 years, being with him. Should have known better.” Lie. Ouch.

See, to your Soul you are love. Your Soul knows no age, no time and no judgement about outer attributes. So it is your mind, telling untruth, that is causing the pain. You, handing your power to someone else, that is what is not truth and not love. That is painful.

And of course I would agree, it´s high like likely that your mates actions are grounded in non-love. But the only one that can really harm you, is you giving away your own power to a cheating guy and false assumptions.

Someone that loves and respects you wouldn´t hurt you with intend, here I would agree. But that goes home with him. The only one you are responsible for, is you. He, his reasons and state of (un)consciousness is none of your business or influence. Your past is also not to change, and regret is leading nowhere and therefore not an option. But now, in this moment, you are deciding about your future.

It´s no more important if he loves you, but if you love yourself, you´ll make sure to feel good about yourself. Give yourself what he didn´t. Love, honour and respect yourself fully.
If that includes to get rid of his cheatin´ass, than do that. If you wanna Keep him, because of whatever reasons, than do that. There are no rules, but what feels good for you. Whatever you choose, decide out of love for yourself.
Cause that will feel good. It´ll give you a feeling of strenght and selfworth. Ain´t that a good idea, someone doing you wrong and you are becoming stronger than before? That´s what it feels like, when you are in charge of your own life, cause that is what you came for.

Shine your light!