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Mothers Day

Mothers Day and Valentines Day are the two events that are making the florists businesses profitable. One is dedicated to the motherly love, the other to the romantic love.

Honestly they are a shame. If you need a day to honor love, while you don´t express appreciation and love the rest of the year, to buy flowers and sweets doesn´t do it.

As a woman I ask to be honored all year long. As someone who is giving the nurturing, motherly love all year long, to so many people around me, I ask to be respected every single day of the year.

To me it is the expression of a great imbalance and pain in the collective. We (ab)use the feminine and disrespect it. And that´s not a gender-bashing. Has nothing to do with the genitals you are born with. Every human has male and female aspects inside of them. I know a lot of women that do not respect the feminine and see it as less. Even a lot of those, that are feminists or in the goddess-movement are really expressing a distorted energy towards the feminine. Who tries to be ” a better man” or “better than men” is not really stepping into the own femininity. What has a lot to do with the way our society is working, the focus on power and domination. Everyone thinks s/he has to be right, better, superior and being co-operative, caring and loving is seen as nice, but weak. Men might suffer from that distorted point of view too. Not only is it still difficult to express what is seen as feminine as a man, so they have to oppress a part of themselves. But they are also the first to be sended to war, to be sacrificed for the values of a distorted society.

Mothers Day has an american origin, where it´s a national holiday since 1914, the year when World War I started. That´s deeply ironic as one of the roots is a Mothers-Peace-Movement that Julia Ward Howe has founded with the goal that the sons of the mothers will no longer be sended to war. We didn´t stop war, but instead started selling products. One can not buy or sell love, although we try it endlessly.

Yesterday some cows visited my friend and co-worker Muriel Shickman. Cows are a typical symbol for the abuse of this energy. I start to understand why more and more people can not process milk in their body. We want to be nurtured all of our lifes, while we are grown-up long ago. And we do not even pay respect towards these animals, that give us their milk.

We do also not respect Gaia, which until this very day nurtures all of us. Today I went to the nearby park where the Roses bloom. In the evening young people meet there and drink.  They may do as they want, but again and again they throw around their trash, break bottels and leave a mess. Today when I came along, they had left a huge pile of empty boxes, laying directy in front of the empty trash can, to show they do not care. Someone will come along and take care, someone they do not pay respect to. Only the strong and relentless forces are valued. And this is what has to be changed.

And yes, we as women and mothers have enabled this behaviour. It´s not enough to blame the relentless, dominiering forces, we have to take responsibility for not taking our rightful place in society, for not standing up for our values. What I hereby do for myself 😉

Another thing, that hit me today. Do not just honor your mother or care for your kids, but do it everywhere your heart feels called to.

Shine your lovelight <3


The externalisation of power

We are raised in a way that we believe deeply in our smallness and unworthyness. We are trained to see us as powerless. A lot of people train us, because they believe it themselves…and some do so because they take advantage of others with intend. And as we incarnate on earth in a very helpless state as newborns, we have evidence for these misperceptions, that then start to form our reality. We may live in an endless circle of fear (false evidence appearing real), as we experience unpleasant circumstances that reinforce our perception and creation. Endless repetitions of poverty, bad luck, ailments, injustices etc.

It might be a running gag throughout the galaxies that on earth we hand over our power to outer circumstances, never aware that we might take back our power at any time. Actually we can never give away our power truly, we just externalize it. That´s why we blame our boss, partner, parents, government etc. pp. But why do they rule at all? Because we refuse to accept our own responsibility. Power equals responsibility. We can not take it for others and we can not hand it to others, that´s just distortion and illusion to do so.

In my family once was a young guy thrown into war and taken prisoner at age 17, while WWII. He and the others have been forced to dig their own graves. How? Well with a gun in front of him. But what did he do? He throwed away the showel and said to the soldier in front of him: “Go, dig yourself.” He took the responsibility that he might die a few minutes earlier, but he refused to hand over his power. Well, the russian soldier didn´t shot him, but has beaten him really really hard and let him lie on the ground to die. But guess what? A female doctor came along, fell in love with her young enemy and saved his life. Very touching and encouraging story. Sometimes life has to send us into the extremes to make us learn our lessons.

I went into the extremes very often myself, I have spend endless times trying to “help” people, that just wanted someone to join their pitty-party, validate their stories or take responsibility for them and carry their burden. And oh yes, I did, as I didn´t know better or thought people wouldn´t know better. But finally I understood and remembered to not allow others to distract me from my real mission.. I came for those, that really want to evolve. For those that want to take back their lifes to walk on their own sovereign path.

I realized, that when I accept how things are, they will never change. And I came as a gamechanger.

No matter if someone asks for my advice or a healing-session: I only work with those, that are aware, that I am just their assistant in their own process. A masterly assistant, as my presence makes it possible to see more clearly or to receive the healing frequencies. I just remind them, as they hold it inside of themselves and I just help to reconnect with it.

People have no idea how mighty they are. If you have ever been haunted by demons or guided by angels…believe it or not, but they are formed by the externalization of the human ability to create. You might feel like sh*t, but you are a living god. One that might have ailments, relationsship-issues, money-problems, wrinkles and no hope….but you created them…and you are the one who can decide to be happy under all circumstances. That´s what I did. I chose happiness over pain, that´s been all…but that´s a tough and lifechanging choice. I had to face some really ugly stories, when looking at my own responsibilities. Most people run from truth, from pain, from responsibility. Please don´t, as you can not escape anyway, but you will suffer endlessly when you try. Turn around, look your demons in the eye and watch them reintegrate into you.

Last year something Teal Swan said while an event in Basel opened my eyes. She said that most of the people in the spiritual community are somehow like drug-addicted. People who are going into spirituality normally do so because they are traumatized. Badly injured, like after a car-accident, having all bones broken. You might give them morphine as a painkiller, but if you just give the painkiller and do no other surgery, they will not recover at all but become junkies. Well it´s true. Most people just want a quick fix, as they need a painkiller, a new high. That´s why they run from event to event, from healer to healer, from teacher to teacher. They don´t want Soulutions, they want their next shot of happiness and escape. I understood that this was a powerful truth. I decided that I will not sell the next shot into nirvana. I came to change this planet, not to escape and I will not waste my time with those that try to avoid the responsibility for their own lifes.

I know it is hard to do, but take back all you´ve projected outwards. You need a helping hand and companions, yes, we all need that once in a while, that´s what all of my work is about, to assist and encourage others. But you can not become dependent on anyone or anything when you want to be happy, free and thriving. And that´s what I wish for all of us…this will bring true abundance, connection and joy to this planet. No one can do it for you and you do not have to do it on your own…but for yourself. <3

(W)hole and comp(l)ete

We have to be content within ourselves, becoming whole and complete again. No one can give that to us and no one can take it from us.

Since quite some days my Masterself showed me situations, where the split between the fe/male energies has been seen clearly, to shine the light of my consciousness there.

I saw how we become needy, a hole instead of whole. Or how we did compete instead of being complete. It happens everytime when we expect something from the outside or when we want to overtrump others.

Expectations/needyness is often expressed through the feminine energies and the competitive/fighting energies through the male energies. But all of us have both in us, what already holds the so(u)lution for this problem.

On monday morning my divine self told me to have a coffee in a nearby café and told me where to sit down, to relax and watch the scenery. What happened to be a fighting couple. An older man with a chinese woman as a mate. He told her he is going to have a Thai Massage and she was totally jealous at the woman he wanted to go to, to have this massage. It´s been interesting, as this guy was totally controlling this woman, told her even how to sit or eat. And she allowed that to happen, while being totally out of her mind and really agressive in all, her body, her voice, words and energy, cause she felt hurt and was afraid to loose this man. I watched it, remembering how a guy once played that jealousy trick on me, when nothing else has been working any more, to control me. Of course he was just trying to control his own inner feminine and I wanted to be valued by my inner male. He had also tried to suppress and control me, as a reflection of his feminine, that he feared. Well, and the woman in front of me that I watched while having my coffee? She started fighting, cause the mans behaviour gave her a feeling of unworthyness. No matter how much she tried to please him, she was not enough for him. She was fighting him, because she was fighting her inner selfworth-issues. Why did my masterself show this to me? Well to heal my past, while sending Love and Awareness towards this man and this woman, so for them a space for their so(u)lution opened. Cause, me sitting there having a coffee, opened a different timeline for that couple. My masterself told me, that the woman will end her relationship what will set both free… Many women will refuse their roles. Many men too, hopefully. I deeply honor those, that dare to bring in the change.

On tuesday my stonepeople arrived, as a gift from beloved Muriel Shickman. They introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Stone told me how she has once been made out of soft wood, but hardened over a long periode with the determined spearhead, Mr. Stone. And well, he told me how much he wanted to be embraced by her and admired for his sharpness and how he has over time lost the tip of his stony head, as it has been rounded by the hardened wood. Well I listened to them and then introduced them to their daughter Jade Stone-Owl, whom had already arrived at christmas. How astonished they had been, that a stone can be hard, piercing and round. How he can be shiny, beautiful and flying. Wise, easy and tough.

Today I have been at my office-job. My direct boss is a guy who has been in military and always remembered me at the crazy military guy in the film “Avatar”. He´s proud in never giving in, always having to be the best. Normally I get along with him quite well. Being respectful, but never devote. I learned much about sovereignity in that job. But of course that guy senses the tiniest bit of “weakness” in others. That´s the moment he´ll try to dominate you. I didn´t get much sleep lately and had a little op at my left foot, so he might have sensed vulnerablility. Today I wanted to leave early and while I prepared to leave, he entered my office and said “Here´s todays post. You´ll not leave, unless it is done.” Always good for jokes this guy. I took the letters, put them in my In-Box and said “I´ll go. I´ve got an aching foot and an appointment.” He answered: “Even more fun for someone who enjoys being sadistic.” I laughingly answered, that he´s free to have his fun and I´m going to have mine, too. Took my jacket and left. And that is exactly the reason, why he likes me somehow, although he hates it that he likes me.

The appointment I have had was with Julian La Erosius from Luxury Masters Academy, for recording a session of the Healing of the Heart series, he´s creating. It´s been absolutely amazing, cause Julian went far beyond the warrior male principle and powergames, but he can open his heart truly without loosing the masculine energy. That is still so seldom and so much needed. We went today in this session beyond the fe/male energy split into the integration of all that we are, to be living examples how to leave all old roles and powergames behind, how to truly love ourselves and others.

We have to be whole and content within ourselves. No one can give that to us or can take it from us. When we love ourselves, and also the other, we will never play games that are no fun, we will never hurt ourselves or corrupt ourselves. And when we are whole again, we´ll treat the other the same way. It´s as easy as that.

A uses b – The roots of Abuse

The #metoo brought a topic into the public, that has been suppressed for so long. As someone who has experienced and witnessed all kinds of abuse, I´m quite passionate about it and I´d like to bring in some other perspectives.

1.) Abuse happens in all areas of life, we are just so used! to it, that we ignore it in most cases. In the past the abuser had to fear justice only in cases when someone was raped and the injuries have been visible and made it impossible to ignore them (there are many cases where even that has been ignored).  But that have been just the extremest form of abuse.

The emotional wounds have been much deeper and invisible, therefore easy to ignore.

2.) Ignorance has been the enabler. What is seen as “normal” we tend to ignore. Although there is a feeling inside that things are not right, but that feeling is suppressed. On the outside the suppression shows up as ignorance or even victim-bashing as the extremest form of ignorance. People do not want to face the injustice that is taking place, because of the consequences they fear when facing the issue. Taking action might have bad consequences or provide inconveniences for themselves. The wounds that are caused by being left alone by family and so called friends are deeper and have a longer lasting effect than the abuse itself. That’s what makes it so difficult to heal. The ignorance is the reason why abuse is so normal for us, that people do not even recognize how huge that topic is.

A lot of abuse is happening not by violence and physical power, but by manipulation and deception. Why? Because of the deeply ingrained believe in lack, unworthiness and powerlessness.

Someone who believes in lack, in not having the own abilities to fulfill their wants and needs, will use his physical, mental, psychological or spiritual strength to get his needs met…via other people.

Read this again and open your eyes. Look around. Ponder about it. Once you see this truth you´ll see how widespread abuse of all kinds is. You´ll see that you have been abused very often, that you´ve enabled abuse and that you might have been the abuser yourself. No, I do not want you to feel bad. I ask you to face reality. This will keep on until we dare to change it. And when you look away today, you might be at the short end of the stick tomorrow…how much more pain and distortion will be needed until we change? Most people don’t care until it is not their their own pain or that of a loved one.

What makes abuse abuse? The consciousness. Two people meeting to exchange their gifts in an open loving way by free will, that´s co-creation, no matter the topic: business, money, sex, you name it. To live that way you have to trust in life, in your abilities to get your needs met and to find the right ones to work together with you by free will. You have to trust you will receive enough, when coming together with others.

Seen that way it’s no wonder we find the most disgusting people often in powerful positions. On the top of the ladder you find the ones fueled by their passions…or by their need to prove to themselves how worthy they are. The last ones do not trust, but believe in lack, they think they have to get their needs met by power, manipulation and deception.

Well think about it, to tell someone you love him/her to get into their pants is a kind of abuse. Just there´s no violence involved and therefore no bad consequences. It´s legal and normal. To tell a guy, whom you chose just because of his money, how much you love and adore him just to make him marry you, build a house and feed your kids, that’s also abuse. Why? Because you are not honest. You abuse your own abilities to make him fall in love with you, to make use of his ressources. You´re not laying your cards on the table and trust someone will be a match to play together as co-creators.

Abuse is literally everywhere. It’s just the extent to which it is happening that differs. But in its core it is the same mindset.

The owner of a company using people, who he doesn’t honor and pay well, to live himself in wealth while they have horrible life-conditions, that´s abuse too.

Someone befriending you, not because they like you, but because you have influence, power, talents, money, and trying to make use out of you, that’s abuse.

Telling your friend that this awesome dress doesn’t suit her, as you are jealous and want to be the prettiest girl this evening, that’s abuse.

I told you it is everywhere, it is “normal”. But as long as all of that is seen as normal, the Weinsteins of this world will be normal too. They are just the extreme results of our state of (un)consciousness, expressed in our daily actions.

Abuse is a game of lack. Whoever plays it, screws the own integrity. You cannot win it, there are absolutely no winners in this game. Even when you overtrump the whole world, you know it deep inside of you. That’s why darkworkers will never be happy people on the long run. They might be rich and famous, believing in their importance and ability to f*ck the whole planet, while the masses follow and admire them…but they will have to face truth one day, that nothing of all of that could heal their own wounds, the root of distortion. And the masses, that admired them? Well when the m gets silent, the rest might end in a shitstorm.

What heals the roots?

Dear one, there´s nothing more beautiful and important you can do for this planet and yourself right now, but give yourself the remedies that are called Love, Acceptance and Compassion.

Shine your light!

There´ll be a Rose Touch Session soon, just about this topic. If you are interested, please stay in touch with the Rose Touch.

Full Moon conjunct with Pluto: Overcoming fear

This weekends Full Moon is in conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn. And Sun and Mars are in the opposite sign of Cancer. What does that mean? It says it is the perfect timequality to face and transmute your fears. Look at your obstacles. And Jupiter in Libra might make the issues become huge, as Jupiter is blowing up everything he touches. This is a T-Square formed to announce that now is the time for shadow-work. Taking back the own power and not allow outer circumstances to keep us away from our true path.

To be able to overcome your fears you have to look them in the eye. Feel their message. Understand that you created that obstacle to train your strenght. It is not your enemie, but your sparrings-partner, training you to become really strong. As this happens in Capricorn and Cancer this has to do with safety, with the structures in our lifes. An eggshell is protecting the growing life, a little bird for example. Until it is outgrown this structure, than it has to crack the shell open to escape the prison the egg has become now. And when the bird tries to crack the egg open it might seem the shell is preventing him from flying. But no, it protected him and now it resistance makes sure the bird will be strong enough to fly into his new life.

The Full-Moon happens at this weekend, but it is highlighting an issue that we have been dealing with for quite a while now and it´ll not be over after the weekend. The weekend but will show you crystal clear what you do want. Well maybe by pointing out what you don´t want. But that´s fine also. Learn about your true calling.

It depends on the energies in your own chart, to see which areas of your life are adressed. People with personal planets from 15 to 19 degrees in the signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries might feel it the most. In my own case the T-Square is even a grand-cross, as this Full Moon conjunct Pluto is happening directly over my 12th house Sun, squaring Saturn in my 2nd house. Well, my Pisces-Venus that is sandwiched in between Sun and Saturn joins that Party also. So believe me, I know how this time-quality feels like. But I also know that it is a huge rebirthing process. Nothing is working against us. Do not resist but use these extrem forces, that are out there at the moment, to get out of the old egg-shell.

Here are some helpfull questions to make it easier: What is it, that you fear? What is holding you back? You know that you have to let go of all details in your life anyway?! Why not let them go by your own decission, going with the flow – instead of being forced by outer circumstances? What is it, that your heart truly, truly desires? Find out and learn to fly!

How to recognize a good teacher/healer/therapist?

In my last article I´ve been writing about the wolfs, that are pretending to be shepherds. I can not count how often people have  told me about abusive behaviours of therapists, teachers and healers. And I´ve been stumbling myself quite some times about these con-guides, also.

Problem is that nice, kind people often do not have the mindset to recognize what is going on. We all have our filters and we often even chose the purple-pink glasses by intend. What is normally a good decision, as the world looks much nicer that way. But we can overdo it and become kind of naive.

So, how to recognize the good teachers/healers/therapists? Here are 12 keys to look for:

  1. They will assist you to find your own strenght, health, guidance.
  2. They do not compete with others and are not jealous at others.
  3. Their work/actions speaks for them. Their work brings healthy fruits.
  4. They will not make you dependent, but enabeling you, help you to be as free and happy as can be.
  5. They are walking their talk.  If someone talks love´n light and is mocking, gosipping about others, that´s not fitting together.
  6. They are practitioners. Be careful with experts that are theorists. Teaching about childcare but never cared for kids or relationship experts, married the 5th time with 30 and their last 3 mates in a row tried to commit suicide.
  7. They are open, clear and transparent. They explain what they do, ask for your permission to go ahead and you can ask questions, without feeling bad about it.
  8. They´ll strenghtening, encouraging and empowering you. If they belittle you, play with your anxiety or use your weakpoints – leave!
  9. The new earth is inclusive. Be careful with people that are pretending to be “better”, “exclusive” or offering their stuff for a chosen elite.
  10. They do what they love. To gain money, success is a natural occuring byproduct. Be careful if they only love what brings money, power, attention.
  11. They offer the same good service if 3 people are attending or 3000. If someone thinks 3 people are not worth his best, you might question if this is the right one.
  12. The compassion-factor. This has become my most important signifier. I have met people that were master-manipulators, but this has been the point not so easy to fake, especially when someone has to react spontaneously.

In most cases your healer/teacher/therapist will have some flaws, as we are all humans, we are all perfectly imperfect. But if s/he is not offering much of the 12 keys, please be careful.

In the end we all have to trust our own feelings. As lightworkers we tend to be tolerant and do not want to judge others. And that is good, but we shouldn´t harm ourselves out of tolerance for the other. Every time in my life I talked myself out of serious doubts, finding excuses for the others disrespect or rudeness, it´s been a mistake. But of course we learn from that, also. And one lesson every bad teacher/healer/therapist holds for us is to not give away the own power. Self-empowerment, awareness and inner alignment are the own abilities we have to strenghten to avoid pitfalls. We´ve been teached way too long that others “know better”. But no matter how famous the expert, in the end everyone of us is his own Master, embodying the divine light him- and herself.

Trust your own light and inner knowing <3


P. S. The picture above was taken while a audience with my personal Lama.




Venus retrograte = Time to heal your heart

At the moment Venus is going retro, what is a perfect time to heal old heartbreaks. Venus looking at the past doesn´t seem to fit to the other energies, many of them in Aries, wanting to initiate something new. But when we think about it again, it is making perfect sense. How often did we start anew just to recognize we´ve recreated our past?! So, this time we´ll be wiser and not take our unfinished business with us. Use the cosmic energies to move on, without your old burdens of guilt, shame, pain and conflict.

The place to heal your old wounds and heartbreaks you´ll find inside of you – nowhere else. You do not need the others forgiveness, excuse or evolvement to heal. No matter what you did to someone or what someone did to you, you can now decide to be free.

So often I´ve seen an endless repetition of hurt people that hurt people, life after life after life. And while the incarnated parts did horrible things to each other, the involved souls have always been connected in love. We come here to make experiences, to grow. When you cling on your past and repeat it you don´t. When you stay in the 3d perspective, you´ll find a hundred reasons to hurt and to be hurt. When you watch it out of the souls perspective you only find love. Love breaks every painchain.

Love also takes back your own power and your freedom and also hands back their power and freedom to the others. No matter what they do with it. Here is a trap for the lightworker: Yes, when you heal yourself it has an impact on the other, but it may nevertheless take five lifetimes until you can talk to each other in a constructive, loving way. Do not expect the other to evolve simultaneously. When it happens it is a beautiful wonder, but in most cases people still repeat their old patterns. That is something I had to learn myself the hard way. You are only responsible for your own evolvement. Do not allow others to slow down your own progress. You are free and they are free. That´s the real issue behind the retrograde Venus: Love yourself enough to set yourself and the other free. That topic might even get stronger next week, when Venus goes back into Piesces. Do not become a martyr out of love, do not buy into stuff like guilt, but instead resurrect out of love and become one with all that is.

When Love has healed your past, you´ll be ready to create a beautiful, new future. That´s what we came for. Everything is always working out perfectly well, when you go with the flow and  ride the heavenly energies with love and joy.

Shine your light!


Become a Sovereign

Sooner or later on our spiritual path we recognize that we need to be a sovereign, nothing less. To be a sovereign has nothing to do with your social position or your income. It is a state of mind. Someone can be a dishwasher and be a sovereign. I swear I was once in a really dangerous situation and met a real master, that seemed to all other persons around us like a hobo, but I knew he was not. He owned himself and by his example, his words and actions, he helped me to take back my power and to escape. Cause that is what a real sovereign does: he reminds you to live your own sovereignity.

A souvereign being is connected with others, but in an independent way. It is difficult to describe. I am working three days a week in an office job and my boss tried a while ago to convince me that I am forced by my bankaccount to work there. But I laughed and answered: “Nope. I might decide to look for another job or may even decide to live on a parkbench, but as you are a lucky guy I am working here at the moment.” By the way my boss really loves it that I work there, but he´s been in military, so my attitude is sometimes a bit challenging for him.

Being a sovereign helps you on your path, cause you don´t give away your power to outer circumstances. It doesn´t mean you won´t get sick or you won´t die, but it means you will stay on your path and act out of integrety for yourself. A sovereign stands by his own side, no matter what happens. An ancestor teached that to me. He was a young prisoner in WWII and he and the others should dig their own graves. All did, but not my ancestor. He realized he will die anyway, so he throwed his shovel away and said: “Dig yourself.” The soldier in front of him took his gun, not to shot him, but to beat him very hard and broke his collarbone, what brought my ancestor to the hospital. There a woman doctor fell in love with her enemy, what saved my ancestors life. And don´t get me wrong, he might have died even a few minutes before the others, or he might have died very slowly in his own dirt. But a sovereign doesn´t hand over his power, not even to death himself. Martin Luther King JR. knew he would be killed sooner or later, but he had the strenght of a true King, never dying, but living forever.

But being a sovereign includes also to not take others power, not even when they want to hand it over by free will. All we learned on this planet about power and leadership is somehow wrong. You cannot be responsible for another being, unless they are little children or pets. That´s a big trap for even very evolved spiritual people, that want to help others. Well, that won´t work on the long run. You help someone and he becomes dependent and blames you when not fullfilling their wants, needs and demands. If you try to get out of the trap, they might even get sick or cause some tragedy so you have to care for them. Of course that´s just their inner child, that wants to be rescued, but you cannot rescue one single person on this planet. You can try to assist them, show them how to help themselves, how to take care for their inner child and for their own needs. You may show them how to be a sovereign. But a lot of persons on this planet aren´t willing to be a sovereign. They feel comfortable in their helpless position. And if you refuse to carry them any longer, they´ll curse you and find someone else. And that experience is good for you, cause that´ll teach you how much they really needed you. Don´t let that hurt you, take your lesson and move on. Don´t waste your energy on people that just want someone to hold their hands while they enjoy being miserable. Give your attention to people that try to evolve, just like you. A master helps by showing the way, not by dragging, pushing or carrying others.

So take the reins and shine your light, precious soul!

Love is the only strenght

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sat, October 01, 2016 10:36:36

Only a fearful person is looking for control and power. The ones looking for power are creating and believing in an illusion of strenght. They do so because they have a deep, deep (hidden) fear to be weak, vulnerable and inferior. Never forget this when you look at a dictator and manipulator. He´s a fearful little bunny in his core. You need to be really, really strong to be open, vulnerable and loving.

A person looking for power isn´t able to trust in a higher law, but thinks she has to control all in her surrounding. And that is nothing but insanity. No human will ever be able to do so. A butterfly in China might use his wings, create a storm and the whole controlled life is blown by the wind.

The human looking for power must have experienced itself as somehow vulnerable to uncontrollable forces. Might have been a parent getting really angry or experienced trauma through war or disasters. They experienced stuff that seemed to be „wrong“ somehow. Now this person wants to make sure everything is working properly, how it should be.
Just: No human out of a human perspective can know for sure how things should be!

The real „sin“ of Adam and Eve has been that they thought they have the knowledge, just like god, to know right from wrong. That is how they´ve lost paradise – through a judgemental mind. Not god sent them away, they´ve lost connection.
And their judgement about how to live and how to worship god correctly made them rise Kain and Abel.
Powerstruggle. Control over the environment, even by killing. But don´t oversee the fact that the „bad boy“ has been told a long time he isn´t doing right. His parents tried to control his behaviour and he suffered by not being accepted, that is how Kain went into darkness. If these parents wouldn´t have been eating the forbidden fruit, they would have innocently accepted that they´ve got two very different boys and no control and „being right“ would have seemed necessary. The idea of being wrong is bringing in the longing for making sure everything is under control.

All power is an illusion. We cling on it to feel safe. But the soul don´t even wants to be safe. The soul wants experiences and growth, so it will never create anything that stays the same all the time. And every change is making us fearful and unsure, cause we don´t trust in our soul and her intend to work for us. And as we don´t trust, we don´t let things unfold naturally, but insist to have things going our way. So the soul has to witness our crazy games trying to bring us still to the right place for the next step.
Truth is: Every single one of us has amazing, breathtaking potentials, but almost no one dares to reach out for them by going with the flow.

Yesterday I had to witness a close person recreating her loop of pain for the millionandfirst time. She still clings on power, as she could never accept for herself being wrong somehow. So everyone else is wrong. The ones that love and accept her no matter what, can´t reach her. She won´t let them. As it has not been possible to have a conversation with her, I just told her I wish her nothing but the best and said goodbye.

Later I connected her soul. It is always possible to get in contact to the soul-self, even when the human persona is deep down in darkness. I´ve recieved an interesting answer from her soul. The soul said this person needs to go to a place of deep despair and pain, to crack the armour around her heart open. But the moment that will happen, love´n light will flood the system and it´ll be unforgetable for this person, because of the contrast. Ain´t that astonishing? In this case love has to wait patentiently, while the human needs the suffering as a preparing to be crashed open.

No soul will ever get lost, no love is ever wasted. Just how long it´ll take depends on the free will. One can go with the flow or fight against love and light. The result will be the same, just the path will unfold in a way the person chooses by free will.

Well I choose as less suffering as possible, I have seen enough teaching through karma. I am asking for a path, filled with as much love and light as I can bear.
Dare to live your beautiful potentials.

Shine your light!