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The danger of opening the heart

I just came across someone stating that “opening the heart can be dangerous”. I know many people believe the same and of course a broken heart is the main reason why people search my advise and healing skills. Well,…what is indeed dangerous are people that don´t dare opening their heart. If you look around in the world you will recognize it´s the ones that do not dare to love whom are causing the trouble. Obviously they create pain for others, but on the long run also for themselves. And when we allow it, pain is infectious.

What people mean when they say they fear to open their heart is, that they do not trust in their own abilities. The abilities to make wise decisions, to have integrity, decisiveness…and when all of the above fails: in their ability to recover.

The benefit of an often broken heart is that you´ll discover that you are invincible.

Truth is that when you are a loving kind person, you’ll attract lots of nice people, but between them will be a few that take your open heart for weakness and try to take advantage of it. Happened a million times to me…until I realized nothing ever happened to me. I am happy, alive and thriving, while a lot of those people trying to fool and hurt me are miserable, unhappy or already dead. The old ways don’t work anymore. The light is winning and to enter the team one has to open the heart. There’s no other way to thrive in the new energies.

What happens when an open heart meets a closed one? Truth is that I prefer loving kind people, but in the end all is serving me, that is coming my way. And I have found my strength and integrity when I dared to love myself and others. There´s a saying:”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Well even when it killed me, it made me not only stronger, but also wiser. I know I can handle everything and still love deeply.

Because I love deeply, I can handle everything. That´s what you´ll find out, when you dare it.

Hurt people hurt people. When you close your heart you´ll add to the problem. When you open your heart you become a living so(u)lution.

Shine your light, dear One <3


Opening the heart makes you invincible

Although I´m assisting others in their processes, I´m sometimes still dealing with memories of heartbreaks etc. that are showing up. Just the way I handle it is always one of love.

A few month ago I had a very vivid dream in which a man I loved struggeled me to death. And although the dream felt so real that I believed to die now, I felt nothing but love and a bit sadness that he chose that path. Well many men tried to kill their truth by silencing me. It doesn´t work, noone can escape truth on the long run. And it is really true that everything someone does to you, s/he does to themselves, as you represent an aspect they can not accept.

Real love can deal with every truth. But when there is no truth, there is no room for love.

On sunday I went to a webinar about the Inner Child, something that I always recommend and that I have done myself before. I felt like a repetition would be very welcome. Well, while that webinar my own Inner Child showed me how my caretakers in childhood had brought me in danger…with intend. They hoped their problem, that I represented, would just vanish. And the sensitive child that I was knew it, but seemed totally powerless and had no other option than denying this horrible truth. When finding that memory, all I could do was helping my Inner Child to feel safe and comforting and loving my human self. That´s been hard stuff. And of course there´s a heartbreaking pattern in it, to trust the wrong persons or to be harmed by the ones that I love. When we have such an imprint in our subconsciousness, we attract again and again people that repeat that pattern. What seems cruel, but it is just a mechanism to bring our harmful imprint to the surface, so we will finally overcome it. That´s what my whole work is about, to spare my clients unnecessary repetitions.

On monday I went while a session into my heartchakra, to remove whatever it may be that might still linger there. Well I found me in another lifetime, standing in front of a man and I was filled with so much love and light. But the man in front of me raised his arm and stabbed me with a knife directly into my open, loving heart – literally. The scene freeze-framed, I looked at the man and could not understand why anyone would or could do that. It is the same question that always came up when someone insidiously betrayed me. As I watched the scene from the outside, I decided to change positions. I went into his shoes – I became the other, the murderer, the one holding the knife. And when I did, we both were flooded with light, we melted. I was him, he was me. By the way, that is something about soulmates that might destroy your romantic ideas. Yes your souls have found unity in eternity and that is beautiful beyond description…but on earth that might be a distant future and it happens after a thousand violent, sad and tragic stories.

I understood that he had just believed dark stuff in his mind. We all have a sneaky enemy in our heads, bringing confusion and lies. Any person that harmed you did that, because she believed some dark stories in their mind. They really did it to themselves. And we all once have been the other. Do not reject the others pain and darkness, once it was yours. We can only find the light when we are able to open our hearts for this truth, that we wanted to hide in the darkness.

I fear no darkness, as I only find myself there. And there is no greater power and strenght than a fully opened heart, you can stab it, but not kill its essence – pure love´n light.

And what teaches that?

  1. You can not silence a goddess
  2. You can not kill your enemies
  3. You are your own enemy and your own cure
  4. Do not believe the mean storyteller in your mind
  5. People do not attack you, but an aspect of themselves
  6. The other will stand in your shoes, sooner or later
  7. Love thy enemies, they are your soulmates
  8. Do not fear darkness
  9. Love is the eternal truth
  10. An open heart is not weak, but invincible

Love all that you are and shine your light!