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Transformation – This is not the end

We are constantly changing. If we would refuse to change, this would be death – and there is no such things as death, not really. So even if we would decide to stay the same old, same old, this is just not possible. All that is alive is constantly changing. Your breath is a good example, as with every breath we are transforming oxygen into carbon dioxide. You can not stay in a human form without this transformation. Refusing to transform is literally excarnating you, what is also a huge transformation.

We are mostly not aware of our transformative processes within us and that´s ok, as there would be a total data-overflow if we would witness consciously every cell and molecule changing every second. But becoming aware how all is unfolding perfectly in its everchanging process can be quite stunning and inspiring.

My own path as a healer is quite funny as I thought for a long time I do not have any biological knowledge and I am also not very much interested in learning about all the medical, physiological stuff. Nevertheless my first try with quantum healing had already been amazing, as a man that had suffered from immense pain because of a lumbal fracture was pain-free instantly and overly happy. We really do not have to know about the details to shift energy and I am good at that. But still my own body is my weak-point, or to be more precise, he shows me very clearly any imbalance in my system. So maybe it is only a weak-point as I have not mastered by now to fine-tune this instrument enough to get the message before it hurts or refuses to work properly.

The area where I am a true alchemist is emotion, energy in motion. Here I am really good, what is making sense for being “a healer of hearts”. Actually I do inspire and assist people transforming these e-motions. As everything is “just energy”, we can play with it, like we play on a piano to bringh forth different sounds. It´s always the same instrument, but an endless variety of songs.

Last weekend I have been participating in “Transformation”, a webinar of my dear collegue Therese Wenk (yes, we are visiting each others webinars, only stupid people think they know and have it all). There´s always more to explore and Therese is having her main focus on the physical body, she´s working a lot with the DNA and the webinar is about activating our original blueprint.

Well, transformative processes are not always nice. Everybody loves butterflies, but we are not aware what the caterpillar goes through to become the flying beauty. He is trapped in a cocoon and loosing his old structure totally. In between he is just a slimy green-brownish soup in a closed environment.

Well, as mentioned before, I am having my greatest difficulties in my body, and so the transformation was physical painful to me and all I could do to help it, was to comfort myself while I had to let go and couldn´t work for two days now.

To be gentle and loving towards ourselves is the best we can always do, while the process is unfolding. It is taking the unnessary pressure out of the system. Letting go is very helpful for emotional transformation. When we allow and master it, we can turn fear into excitement. Anger is compressed passion. Instead of fighting others or the circumstances, we can use it as fuel to go towards the things we want.
And we often hold on to things, persons and circumstances, because we think they would somehow serve us. So if something has to go, let it be. We have to let go, to create the void that brings in the new. Feel into the future, where your butterfly-self is sending out signals, that you can receive now. Happened to me, when I watched Therese´s Transmission for the first time. I received a blissful greating from my future-potentials. The butterfly can hardly imagine why he tried to hold on to the caterpillar.

Happy Transformation <3

New Vid out about: Fear, Shadows and Darkness

I´ve made a new vid, that holds a deeper understanding about healing, duality and what balance actually really means. There is a huge misconception around that topic, especially in the lightworker community, where many are quite ignorant when it comes to these issues. Nothing is as absurde as lightworkers whom are afraid of shadows, darkness and in total denial.  If we really want to become whole again, move beyond duality, this has to be faced. I guess I made a real good job, to make it quite easy to digest, but it´s of course not the easiest of all topics anyway.


Vampirism: The old earth sucks

Last weekend I´ve visited the Mysical „Tanz der Vampire“ (Dance of Vampires). It´s a remake of the Polanski-Film „The fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon me, your teeth are in my neck“. It is a Horror Comedy and a funny way to learn about dark patterns. Well energetic Vampirism is quite normal until now on Planet Earth and a Comedy or even Musical is a great way to study dark patterns. We´ve got to understand it, to leave it behind. The only power darkness has is fear and deception. So look at it in a lighthearted way and learn.

People try to feed on others energy, because they believe in lack. So they deceive people to get their: money, power, sexual energy or attention. In the end all of that is a form of energy. And the victims? Well they are falling for a high social position, physical attraction or the extraordinary. They´ve been both part of the same game. Oh and there´s a special lesson for the lightworkers: Maybe trying to „save“ someone who is infected, brings them in danger. Darkness may infect them…until they become immune, when the light in them is becoming stronger than darkness.

How to heal the energetic vampirism on earth? Bring in the light, connect to your own source, than you do not need to run after others money, body, power or attention. Just open to your own source, shine your light. The daylight kills the vampire. That goes for all darkness. Well nobody dies really, it may just feel like dying, cause it is a huge transmutation taking place.

It is kind of upside down, if we fear darkness. That´s been part of the deception. In fact, it is the other way around: darkness fears the light. The light doesn´t fear darkness. An angel doesn´t have to change to be able to enter hell. But a devil has to transform his devilishness to be able to enter heaven. An angel recognizes the devil, but will not despise him. But the devil despises the angel and is not able to see or understand his nature.

Whenever you face darkness, fear not. Just shine your light!

Vulnerability isn´t the problem

We are afraid of our vulnerability, but it is not the vulnerability that is the problem. Our fear is the problem.

The earthworm is seemingly very vulnerable…but in fact he has an enormous ability for regeneration and he´s an important co-worker with mother earth. So tell me what is wrong about vulnerability? It is in fact an important ability to change, expand, create.

All is vulnerable. Even very strong, hard structures change. Last week the “Azur Window” a very beautiful limestone natural arch on Gozo has been destroyed. It´s been literally gone with the wind, as a storm made it crumble. It made me sad when I heared about the destruction, but I´m happy that I´ve visited it while a stay in 2014 and it is a  reminder that no form will stay the same forever.  We are supposed to change, we are supposed to be vulnerable. And in fact our fear that wants to prevent us from change is way more destructive than any vulnerability will ever be.

Love your ability to change. Yes, sometimes it is painful, but the pain is not caused by the vulnerability. Pain arises out of the resistance. I´ve learned that lesson when I gave birth to my daughter. When I stopped fighting, the rest was easy and light. Literally. I experienced it at an emotional level again and again myself and when I witnessed others in their processes. When we surrender and go with the flow, the pain fades away.  The lifeforces that create through change are stronger than any resistance will ever be. So let go and enjoy change and creation.

Shine your light!


Why it is so hard to let go

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Tue, October 04, 2016 11:03:40
Sometimes it is very clear, seen from the outside, that a person clings on something or someone, that isn´t good for this person.
Why do we do this? Why can´t we let go?

There are 3 reasons I witnessed quite often:

1. There is a hidden advantage for us that we don´t wanna loose.
Find out what this might be and try to get whatever it is in another, more healthy, way.

2. We are afraid of the unknown. Very often people prefer staying in a known hell over an unknown paradise.
Life is all about change. You´ve got to leave all persons and circumstances anyway, so if you love yourself you´ll do it in a loving way, before the universe makes circumstances change in a rough manner.

3. We hope for a miracle to change it.
I´ve experienced quite a few miracles. They all occured when I gave intend to change, asked for help and moved my ass in the direction I wanted to go. Heaven helps the ones brave enough to face reality and willing to become a co-worker with the divine forces.

Don´t pick on yourself when you are not ready to let go now. But prepare your escape anyway, one day you´ll free yourself and learn to fly.

Shine your light!

Love is the only strenght

Insights & PerspectivesPosted by Natalie Sat, October 01, 2016 10:36:36

Only a fearful person is looking for control and power. The ones looking for power are creating and believing in an illusion of strenght. They do so because they have a deep, deep (hidden) fear to be weak, vulnerable and inferior. Never forget this when you look at a dictator and manipulator. He´s a fearful little bunny in his core. You need to be really, really strong to be open, vulnerable and loving.

A person looking for power isn´t able to trust in a higher law, but thinks she has to control all in her surrounding. And that is nothing but insanity. No human will ever be able to do so. A butterfly in China might use his wings, create a storm and the whole controlled life is blown by the wind.

The human looking for power must have experienced itself as somehow vulnerable to uncontrollable forces. Might have been a parent getting really angry or experienced trauma through war or disasters. They experienced stuff that seemed to be „wrong“ somehow. Now this person wants to make sure everything is working properly, how it should be.
Just: No human out of a human perspective can know for sure how things should be!

The real „sin“ of Adam and Eve has been that they thought they have the knowledge, just like god, to know right from wrong. That is how they´ve lost paradise – through a judgemental mind. Not god sent them away, they´ve lost connection.
And their judgement about how to live and how to worship god correctly made them rise Kain and Abel.
Powerstruggle. Control over the environment, even by killing. But don´t oversee the fact that the „bad boy“ has been told a long time he isn´t doing right. His parents tried to control his behaviour and he suffered by not being accepted, that is how Kain went into darkness. If these parents wouldn´t have been eating the forbidden fruit, they would have innocently accepted that they´ve got two very different boys and no control and „being right“ would have seemed necessary. The idea of being wrong is bringing in the longing for making sure everything is under control.

All power is an illusion. We cling on it to feel safe. But the soul don´t even wants to be safe. The soul wants experiences and growth, so it will never create anything that stays the same all the time. And every change is making us fearful and unsure, cause we don´t trust in our soul and her intend to work for us. And as we don´t trust, we don´t let things unfold naturally, but insist to have things going our way. So the soul has to witness our crazy games trying to bring us still to the right place for the next step.
Truth is: Every single one of us has amazing, breathtaking potentials, but almost no one dares to reach out for them by going with the flow.

Yesterday I had to witness a close person recreating her loop of pain for the millionandfirst time. She still clings on power, as she could never accept for herself being wrong somehow. So everyone else is wrong. The ones that love and accept her no matter what, can´t reach her. She won´t let them. As it has not been possible to have a conversation with her, I just told her I wish her nothing but the best and said goodbye.

Later I connected her soul. It is always possible to get in contact to the soul-self, even when the human persona is deep down in darkness. I´ve recieved an interesting answer from her soul. The soul said this person needs to go to a place of deep despair and pain, to crack the armour around her heart open. But the moment that will happen, love´n light will flood the system and it´ll be unforgetable for this person, because of the contrast. Ain´t that astonishing? In this case love has to wait patentiently, while the human needs the suffering as a preparing to be crashed open.

No soul will ever get lost, no love is ever wasted. Just how long it´ll take depends on the free will. One can go with the flow or fight against love and light. The result will be the same, just the path will unfold in a way the person chooses by free will.

Well I choose as less suffering as possible, I have seen enough teaching through karma. I am asking for a path, filled with as much love and light as I can bear.
Dare to live your beautiful potentials.

Shine your light!

How to deal with Fear

Finding SoulutionsPosted by Natalie Mon, September 26, 2016 13:40:37

Sometimes people describe me as strong and brave. I am, but only because I used to be a really fearful Person.
You can only become brave, when you had fears and chose to face them.

So in case you should have to deal with fear, I can assure you that I feel for you. I am still having lots of fears. But I don´t allow them to imprison my life.

First of all: Don´t feel bad about having fears. If you feel bad about yourself you are taking away all your own strenght and power.That´s the opposite of what we want. Instead love yourself while you shiver and shake.

See fear for what it is. Your ability to imagine. People that have no fantasy hardly ever fear something. And your fear might arise out of bad experiences you made. To overcome your fears doesn´t mean you shouldn´t take care of yourself, it´s good to act carefully, but act anyway.
Two sentences helped me on my path and I´ll share them with you, hoping the´ll serve you well, also.

The first is a statement of my mum.
“The coward dies a hundred times every day, but the brave one only dies once in his life.”
This is nothing but true. I can only die one time in a lifetime. Well, that´s not sooo often. So all my fear, that feel like dying, can´t be true. This sentence gives me the strenght again and again to move forward. A while ago I climbed a stair, stating I´ve got fear of hights. I guess the other person didn´t believe me, cause he said my fear couldn´t be so big, otherwise I wouldn´t be able to do it.

No. He was wrong. I am terribly afraid of hights. But I wanted also to get to the rooftop, so I went there, trying to focus on my goal and not on my fear. If you are very afraid you can´t think very well and don´t see and hear good. I am using that, to move forward, while having almost no consciousness. Go for the things you adore, even when you piss your pants, cause you might change your pants…but no one can ever take away the triumph when reaching your goal. It´ll make you strong and brave. You´ll feel like the god/dess that you are.

The second quote comes from a friend.
She asked me “What is the worst that might happen?”
Well that brings in some perspective. Maybe I might have pissed pants when standing on the most beautiful rooftop of my life. Who cares?!
Or maybe someone laughs about ´me, well that´s great, one birthday card less to write.
Or a guy gives me a no. That´s great, no more wasted time daydreaming. Next!

One of my biggest fears has been “You might be ending on a parkbench.” Well, I found out that I really, really love parkbenches. A hobby I share with Eckhard Tolle.
You see our biggest fears aren´t about dying, they are about living.

The biggest antidote for fear is love. I used to be afraid of all little animals like spiders or earthworms. But I had to save my daughter of the spiders and I had to save the earthworms on our way to the kindergarden, cause people might step onto them.
On that morning when I learned how strong love makes us, it took us 60 minutes instead of 10 to reach the kindergarden, cause there were so many earthworms on that path and it took me always a few seconds to be able to touch them and than it took my daughter a few seconds to confirm the place I brought them seemed safe enough. But I really love my daughter a lot. And she loved the earthworms, every single one of the 50 or so I had to save. I still prefer cats and dogs over spiders and earthworms, but I don´t fear them no more.

Did some of my fears come true? Of course. I am not brave because I never fail, but I experienced how strong we become while we give it a try.

Let love take your hand. Your love for yourself that drags you onto rooftops or on a journey or the love for someone else, that makes you become a hero/ine.

You´ll find out that your love makes you invincible.