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The New Abundance

Actually the new abundance is as old as nature, as she invented it, but we had forgotten about real abundance and have to relearn about it in a total new way.

Abundance in the new energy is diversity, it means to value all the colors, all the different expressions of life. Abundance is created in the way nature has always worked:

A lot of imperfect, vulnerable beings coming together to create something that is breathtaking beautiful.

In the old energy abundance was only measured in money. As if money would be the goal, instead of a byproduct, as it is just one of many streams of energy-exchange that we might experience.

Abundance in the new energy is created by everybody adding their gifts for the benefit of all. And no it is not a socialistic kind of new world order, not at all. Everyone will be a free, self-responsible individual and the individual will benefit from his contribution.

Last year I realized, while preparing a webinar about gratitude, that all of us have areas in our life where abundance is coming in very naturally, without any effort. Mostly we do not recognize and value them at all, as our gifts are so normal to us, that we do not see that they are a form of abundance. In my life it’s been for example knowledge, information and wisdom that’s always been very naturally to me. I attract it magnetically, I always had lots of books, interesting people and conversations flowing into my life and I always gave them further very freely, without even thinking about it. The blog you are just reading is a result of that abundance in my life. Did it pay in money? Normally not, but it made me abundant anyway. Some may laugh and say that they are only abundant in problems. That’s been me in the past. It transformed me into the perfect soulutioner, as I learned to look behind the obvious and find the root of a problem and the pro in it. And every single one of us has things that come easily to them, which they can use to create something that others benefit from.

Cause that is something that is very important on the new earth. Is what you do adding something positive in your life and in the life of others? First it has to make yourself happy, otherwise it will burn you out. If it is adding value to the life of others, too – that’s just perfect. In the old energy we worked for money and that’s a mistake. Money is welcome as a byproduct, if others are willing to pay you for what you do. If they are not willing to pay you, do it anyway, as long as it is creating something positive in your life. And sometimes we are not paid in money, but receive other things that nurture us, we make beautiful experiences, we evolve and learn, find out about our passion and strength, meet interesting people, find co-operations for jobs that actually bring money. Be open, generous and flexible.

Abundance shows itself in so many things and circumstances. If you have a good health, that’s not only quality of life, but also spares you a lot of time and money, that people with a bad health have to invest in themselves. Or when you live where is beautiful nature around. Others pay to go to these places. Or having had a loving family and upbringing spares a lot of sorrow and therapy-hours. Having artistic skills is improving your life-quality and might bring you some extra-income, if you choose so. Growing vegetables in your garden keeps you fit and brings healthy food on your table. Or you might exchange it with your neighbor for a haircut or something they have to share. Become aware of the abundance you already have helps to attract more good fortune.

We have to change our mindsets, when wanting to live abundantly in the new energies. Why have we been running after money? Maybe we wanted to live happy and free. That´s me for example. But instead I paid with my happiness and freedom to earn money. It’s against my integrity to act that way. And I didn´t want  to find out what people pay for and sell that. That´s not working for me. A few month ago I decided I will do what I love, no matter if there’s money in it or not. Passion, joy, happiness, all what makes my heart´n soul sing with joy became my goal in life and my life changed drastically since then. I even refuse to work with people that do not want to evolve. One can not pay enough to make me sell my passion for dollars.

I am in a constantly creative high since then. Working literally day and night, just it doesn´t feel like working. Life gave me a big thumbs up, creating unbelievable coincidences and even wonder in my life. I´ve been manifesting all I needed and even money out of thin air. And the right people and circumstances for co-creations showed up. Well, some had been in my life before, but they made similar decisions and coming together we became much stronger than one alone could be. That´s also important. Attract your tribe by your vibe.

The new earth is a place of co-operations. Sharing resources, information, bringing together of skills is important to experience abundance in the new energy. In the past we have been afraid of competition. Well, I am co-working with other healers and if someone is guided to work with them instead of me I trust they made the perfect choice. If someone needs a shamanic approach I would even tell them Muriel Shickman might be their perfect match. And if someone needs to work on a DNA Level I´d tell them to contact Therese Wenk, as the expert for that. When we do no longer work for money, but with and for joy and fulfillment we are not afraid at all of competition. Because every one of us is unique and perfect in its own way. When you stop being a copy, but live as an original, there exists no competition at all.

Please make sure that you are a sovereign, self-responsible person and only cooperate with others of the same kind. I had to find it out the hard way that people that do not take responsibility for their own creations will try to rule yours. Never allow that! The new earth can only be experienced by sovereign beings. Make sure your co-worker have similar values. Their personality might be different and add to the richness and diversity, but if you have different values and goals, it won’t work.

And do not be afraid that your ideas will be stolen, when you are open and co-operating. Old energy copies as it lacks creativity. Even I, although not known by many people, have experienced that people copied my stuff. I don’t care. If they improve my creation, they deserve their good luck and if they can not improve it, it will not last. It’s as simple as that.

To own things is also not important in the new energy. To have access to all you want and need is abundance. Just say goodbye to needy- and greediness. Who wants to work 30 years to own a house? In the new energy people might live and work as house- and pet keeper, so they live in beautiful homes and travel all over the globe. Or live in a tiny and easy to clean flat and go once or twice a year to a vacation in a huge villa, with a pool boy and gardener. Why take care of all the stuff all year long? Why make yourself a slave in a job you dislike to pay for things you can not really enjoy? The new abundance is one of creative solutions, which are not always related to money at all.

The most important and difficult change to experience abundance is to let go of the idea of lack. You can not think and feel lack and create abundance.

You have to be and express yourself open and freely, accept others in their sovereign colorful rights, be playful, creative and follow your own guiding light and you will live an abundant life.

If you would like to get some assistance by letting go of old patterns around abundance, I am offering a quantum healing webinar about that topic in collaboration with Therese Wenk. In this webinar we will not talk so much about the principles of abundance, but try to assist you via quantum-healing to let go of old patterns and boxes of belief and open up for your true abundance on all levels of your existence. If you can not participate at the given time, sign up anyway as quantum healing is working outside of time and space and the replay is still working perfectly. If you can join us live, the replay is included in the fee as an extra. You can tune into it as often as you feel you need to.

If you want to enter the webinar, please read my personal disclaimer, that I have written after my last webinar. I am highly transformative. My coworkers are too, that’s why I choose them 😉 Make sure this is what you really want.

Have a beautiful day and an abundant, happy life <3


Personas, stories and the own path.

We i-dentify with our story. The stories we have collected, about us and others, are shaping our personality and the way we look at life. And everybody has different stories, that are than creating what we see as the own his(s)tory. In the end every person is walking through life in an own kind of reality-bubble. We tend to identify with this bubble, but it is just a way we chose to express our selves. The trouble on planet earth starts when we believe to be the bubble. Or maybe worse, when we want to overtake others.

From my point of view there is nothing wrong with everyone having an own bubble, cause we came here to live our own life, that´s the fun-factor of creation. We incarnated with the intend to play with reality creation. Just know it is nothing to cling on, but always evolving, flowing. So please tell me why people act and behave as if their story is more “right” or “true” than the bubble of someone else? Why would people need to tell someone else where to live and how to live? ? What to wear, eat, work, write and be?!

I always used to question my own point of view, as so many would share theirs with so much certainty. But that has changed meanwhile. I know that my point of view is just my point of view and may change…but it has to be my own point of view and noone elses. The god-self has created all of these fractals with intend. Being “one with all-that-is” doesn´t implicate, that we shall not experience different shades of real-i-ty. I listen to everyone, as everyone has to share something that might resonate with me and I value and love every-bodies story. But noone owns the ultimate story. Life is evolving, the journey never ends, so we change our perspective and personality. And it should be the own path we follow and not someone elses. My “mistakes” are mine alone, I need no excuses and noone else to blame. I am a sovereign creator – and so are you!

I am receiving messages, that are “channeled”. But I know that every channeled message is somehow influenced by the bubble of the channeler. A channeled message doesn´t necessarily be more accurate than your own “inner knowing”. So whatever I share,  has the intend to inspire those that find meaning in it. I do not need to give meaning to it and I would never impose my meaning onto someone else. My channelings and writings hold some wisdom, but are not “the ultimate truth”. And I never, ever tell other people how they should live their lifes. Yes, people are comming to me for guidance and advice, but I always try to assist them in finding their “own message”.

This is what I came for, to help others to be themselves, so no priest, leader or channeler will be able to overtake someone elses life, as people are able to live their own truth.

No outer authority is higher than your own inner wisdom. As coincidents are happening in a row lately to me, I listened today to the astrologer and channeler “The Leo King” and he said, that noone, really noone has really “figured it out” totally. And that, if someone says he has, he´s lying. And these words really resonated with me. Some might do it with intend, to manipulate others. And some just do it, as they are not even sure about their own path, so they think walking with others in the same bubble (what is not possible on the long run anyway), would make them feel more safe. Only people that are no sovereigns need followers.

There´s intend in having an own life. We all have our bubble, our story.  But please stop imposing yours on others. I met people that have been totally confused by others and their assumptions and stories and it is strange as always the wrong persons question themselves. It is difficult enough to find the own path, even when noone tells you what to do. So first thing I do is to help them reconnect with their own guidance.

Some take the word “wayshower” too literal. Dare to walk your own path, that´s enough. Walk your talk, and it´ll be a Masters path. I´ve incarnated in this lifetime in Germany (what made me wonder a long time). But now I know that one of the important lessons in my life is the difference between a leadership, that is forced by pressure and/or manipulation and that of someone who is in alignment with the own self. Than you do not need to convince others. You will inspire them to be them selves, also. Just be – your self…shining your light!


Martyrdom is a misconception of the divine service

It took me a while to put this inner truth into proper words, but I hope I am now capable to do so, so you can understand my message and benefit from it.

Martyrdom has to do with guilt somehow and guilt is not a truth. Both are the result of a misconception. When we serve others out of that feeling to be somehow responsible for them, for their well-being or suffering, than we create an energetic distortion, as we act against divine truth. Martyrdom and guilt is the denial of the divine I AM of the others and their abilitity to create their reality.  When I see helpless creatures in them, people that are “less than” or if I deny my own divine self and see myself as “less than”, than the distorted idea arises that they have to save me or I have to save them. This energetic imbalance creates a point of view that is confused. It would mean that I would owe them, or they would owe me somehow. To do it for the other, because we think we have to “save” someone is never a good decision as martyrdom denies the divine self, the creator that exists in all of us.

I´d like to offer another option and point of view: Serve others, but do it for yourself, because it expresses who you are. Do it because it expresses your divine self.  I´m not a loving, compassionate and generous person because I have to or because I want to be a good person. That once used to be my intention, before I dared to be selfish enough to care about how I feel. And I want to feel good, in alignment with my divine core, therefore I do not try to force others to be who I want them to be – just the opposite: I am who I want to be, all else is not my business. I am free and they are free. And I choose more and more with whom I spend my time. Nothing is more important to me now but with whom and in what mood I spend the moments of my life. It´s an honour to spend time with me. Why? Cause I can be perfectly happy when being on my own watching the clouds move or the stars twinkle above me. I have found peace and happiness inside of me. I do not need to spend my time with someone. I do not need someone else to make me happy. When I´m with myself and with nature I am happy, in peace and harmony. So why would I spend my time with you? Because I care. Because I love you as you are another part of my divine self. I love this divine spark in you and I´d love  to see you thrive. But in case you want to suffer or play silly powergames, I am out. I will never again suffer in the name of love. I see you as free and I see myself as free. All else is too less for me.

I know that my mission here on earth is one of service. Cause being of service is actually divine. People still get that wrong. They treat people that are of service with disrespect, cause here on earth all values had been upside down. I always knew that. I knew that the highest position is those of a wo/man that is serving the people. Think about it: The ones that changed this planet for the better all have been humble somehow. They all served. And do not get me wrong. I may serve you, but doesn´t mean I will accept it, when you treat me somehow with disrespect. That´s the best way to make me enjoy the starlight or the singing birds on my own. In this case I´d decide I´d serve you best, when leaving you behind.

And that I chose to be of service doesn´t mean I can have no luxery, of course I can, who deserves it more but the ones that  came to earth to serve. I remembered all my life that I did so. I remembered the place where we had been individuals, but with a connected consciousness. I had this memory, but didn´t know what it meant. Now I know it is the future of mankind. I remember the horror when I went into the darkness to help people find their inner connection again, that they had lost. I decided to be of service. Not because I had to, but because I chose to. That´s not martyrdom, that´s honoring my and your divine self.

Shine your light, that´s what you came for!

The biggest conspiracy of them all

Quite some years ago I used to read a lot about conspiracies. But after finding out, that:

a) yes, a lot of them are true

b) what you fight against, is getting stronger

I didn´t spend further energy in more investigations. I went to search for light instead of stumbeling blind through darkness. Well, of course I´ve still recognized what´s going on. Maybe I saw it even clearer than ever before, cause only when you have no attachments are you able to see more and more of the bigger picture.

And finding out more and more about the bigger picture, I finally ran into the biggest conspiracy of all times. The universe itself, no the multiverse itself, is conspiring against every single one of us. Yes! And as it is creation itself, that is running the show, the options and methods are endless. It´s been sending psychopathic lovers, serving false friends and hard jobs. Nothing that it didn´t do: hunting me, hurting me, killing me. And I know they didn´t treat you much better.

But why in all the galaxies did creation do that? So much effort for every single one of us? The purpose must be a big one! And it is! All of it only happened to make us find our divine spark in the densest realms of them all. I found that all that occured to me only happened to make me find the light within. And I know I agreed on that rollercoaster ride, but had to forget that I signed in. It´s been me, conspiring against myself, to finally find myself. And you did the same. Why? My human mind is not able to understand it. But it´s because of Love.

Love is the only question, option and answer.

Vulnerability isn´t the problem

We are afraid of our vulnerability, but it is not the vulnerability that is the problem. Our fear is the problem.

The earthworm is seemingly very vulnerable…but in fact he has an enormous ability for regeneration and he´s an important co-worker with mother earth. So tell me what is wrong about vulnerability? It is in fact an important ability to change, expand, create.

All is vulnerable. Even very strong, hard structures change. Last week the “Azur Window” a very beautiful limestone natural arch on Gozo has been destroyed. It´s been literally gone with the wind, as a storm made it crumble. It made me sad when I heared about the destruction, but I´m happy that I´ve visited it while a stay in 2014 and it is a  reminder that no form will stay the same forever.  We are supposed to change, we are supposed to be vulnerable. And in fact our fear that wants to prevent us from change is way more destructive than any vulnerability will ever be.

Love your ability to change. Yes, sometimes it is painful, but the pain is not caused by the vulnerability. Pain arises out of the resistance. I´ve learned that lesson when I gave birth to my daughter. When I stopped fighting, the rest was easy and light. Literally. I experienced it at an emotional level again and again myself and when I witnessed others in their processes. When we surrender and go with the flow, the pain fades away.  The lifeforces that create through change are stronger than any resistance will ever be. So let go and enjoy change and creation.

Shine your light!


Oh my darling, please surrender…why you cannot miss your goal

I know a lot of people that are waiting for something or someone.

We, including me, know that we will be at a totally different place by the the end of the year, but until now it is the big “unknown”. We don´t know what, where or with whom we will be. And that brings a feeling of uncertainty to many people at the moment.

The best you can do at the moment is to totally surrender, especially while that eclipse in pisces is happening. You cannot miss the goal…no really you can´t, I mean it! You are attracting what belongs to you and it will come to you, the only thing that makes it difficult for the divine delivery service to reach you, is you having specific expectations or being at unease.

When we think we have figured out how the perfect partner looks like, how to build our business or when to travel to Hawaii, we are locking out opportunities. And as we somehow sense that, we might get nervous, what makes it even more difficult to get into a receiving mode. Cause being receptive is all that is your job. All else is unfolding very naturally. Try to stay in an open state of mind and at ease.

If you feel fear rising up, try to transmute it into curiousity: “I really wonder how the universe is going to deliver my job, mate, house…(fill the blank)?” It is not your job to find it, so don´t search for it. Whatever is yours, through your permission and intend, will reach you. I´ve seen it a million times. Even when you miss it, it will be delivered anyway.

My daughter missed her husband a few times. She had already exchanged some messages with him, both playing a browsergame. But than she oversaw a message from him. A while later the people playing the game met for a weekend. She didn´t go there. But I did, cause I wanted to meet a special someone. When my daughter looked at the pictures of this weekend, she spotted her later husband on them and asked me who he was. I couldn´t answer as I didn´t have spoken with him and not payed attention. Did she ask others about him? No. So how comes that she finally met him? After six month she stumbled over the overseen message, answered it, messaged with him and than they met very quickly. See, she really couldn´t miss him, no matter how hard she tried 😉 <3

By the way, she wouldn´t be in that incarnation, if I didn´t have met her father. And well, I also missed him twice. While a concert he was talking to friends of mine for a while, standing at a place where I really couldn´t oversee him, but I did not recognize him at all. I swear I really didn´t see him. Than I was invited to a party where I would have met him again, but didn´t go there. But finally I met him and we shared a good laugh how hard it was to bring us together.

But the universe delivers – always. As I am a stubborn capricorn and the universe has a sense for grotesque humor, it sended me once someone walking around with a megaphone, so I wouldn´t overhear him. I remember how I listened to the message and wondered how high the chances are that someone would walk around shouting at me the answer to a question that bothered me at that time. Well, the next day I was at a totally other place and the same guy came along yelling my answer at me again! It´s been hilarious! Really the universe gives a sh*t on chances, it simply deliveres them endlessly.

So you might just relax and await your divine parcel. While waiting I recommend a story I once wrote, describing the divine perspective on deliveries: http://oneblog.soulutions.one/2016/12/06/the-little-owl/

Have fun and shine your light!


Another point of view on ailments

My own spiritual journey is an unprogramming of the “normal” point of view. Well, I´ve never been good at normal and have been playing around with points of view all my life. What seemed to be an obstacle, but finally turned out as an advantage. And here we are already at my “unprogramming” point of view on ailments  of all kind. All is working for us, my obstacle was an important skill and our illness is showing up for good reasons.

We see illness as the problem. But as a wise fool in a film once said: “The problem isn´t the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem.”

Out of my perspective illness is occuring, cause your inner being is looking for balance. Before an ailment is showing up there has been a state of imbalance. The ailment is trying to correct it.

Simple example: When my life is filled with too many things to do and my inner being is stating I need time for making connection to myself instead of answering phone calls and e-mails it regularely is sending me something like a cold. So I´ll stay on my own and do nothing but rest and be in contact with myself and integrate whatever wants to be integrated. My illness is reinstalling balance.

Nothing that is showing up is working against us. This world isn´t created by an enemy, but by the divine, that is love. And deep within we know that. That is the reason why we are shocked when we witness something we concider as negative. A friend of mine is literally feeling attacked when being ill. And the reason for that is that the ailment is contradictory to her inner knowing that the universe is made out of love. So why does she suffer? The answer is, that she already suffered before and the loving universe shows that to her through the sickness, to give her the opportunity to re-create balance again.

Working as a healer I am very aware that all I do is offering the energies, flowing through me to the person I am adressing. I am not their saviour and I cannot fix them. And I never would, as I honour the infinite, divine creator being that I am assisting in their process. I cannot decide when and how they accept the offering. Plus there is nothing wrong with it when they, for whatever reasons, stay ill.

Ailment is often serving us. People get sick for a thousand reasons: to get attention, to have time and space to rest, to not have to “function” in society, to teach their family and friends compassion, to learn being patient, to accept themselves as they are, to find their own inner healer and creator, to learn about unhealthy behaviours etc. Very often people get sick to bring awareness in areas of their lifes where there are blind-spots. Life shows us how we are working against ourselves as it is asking for balance.

One of the most important steps for mankind in general is to become co-creators with life. And that also means to understand we can co-operate with our bodies. Out of this point of view, whenever going to a doctor, pharmacy or healer you are choosing your assistance-team to re-create your balance. And when that is not possible for you at the moment, you may still reach for the highest level of well-being, available at this point. Maybe to not fight against your own body, but to accept that he is looking for balance and working in your highest interest is already lessening suffering and pain a lot. This is a loving and friendly universe and your inner being knows this is how it was meant to be.

Blessed be, precious soul. Shine your light!

Love thy monsters – Shadows uncovered

In the shadows resides all that can´t be accepted and loved. That is how shadows are created: through shame, guilt and rejection. A child cannot stand it to be not good, not lovable and as such experiences cause the feeling of heartbreak it puts all that s/he is thinks will cause these feelings in the unconscious shadow realms of its being.

So it is no wonder when these aspects feel angry or depressed and go on a rampage of destruction. Whenever someone acts out in a destructive way it is never his/her true divine self, but a shadow aspect. Don´t join them in their game. Every time you get triggert by someone elses shadow you can be sure he matches your own. You can not convince a shadow with arguments, he is stubborn and tricky at the same time, you cannot win such a game.

There are only two thing you can do:

1.) send love and compassion to this aspects

2.) avoid to get entangled in any way.

The more ugly these aspects seem to you, the more love and compassion they need.  And if you deal with someone elses shadow it is sometimes better to send them love and light on the inside but stay away from them, as they are too suspiscious to accept your love. That´s a lesson I recieved. A shadow aspect doesn´t trust love and is afraid to get hurt again, so chances are high he is making sure he is right. We are mighty creators, even when we don´t know it. Sooner or later someone will say or do something the shadow sees as a prove and fullfilment of his/her negative expectation. Shadows are experts in creating self-fulfilling negative prophecies. Therefore you won´t be able to help someone else transform its shadow unless he is totally dedicated himself to do it.

But you can take care for your own aspects instead of focussing on others. Dealing with the shadows of other is in many cases anyway just a trick of your own shadow to distract you, so he isn´t himself in your focus.

How to deal with your shadow?

Totally accept his feelings of anger, sadness, shame or whatever may show up. Don´t suppress it, don´t ignore it and don´t fight it. Allow it. Hold it. Listen to it, but don´t believe the dark stories of no-love he tells. Just know that he believes in them. Your shadow is like a child trapped in a nightmare. How would you treat a child with a nightmare? Tell him there are no ghosts and leave him alone in the dark? Or maybe it is a much better idea to comfort your inner child until it feels safe. Turn on the light, comfort him and make sure noone is in the cupboard or under the bed. Sing him a song of birds and sunshine, hold the child in your loving arms to keep all monsters away. And when they should show up again make them a chain…out of daisies, color their claws and invite them to sing and dance with you. Love, joy and happiness are the mightiest forces in all of creation.

Shine your light precious soul!

The space between the years

The signature of the current time quality is fitting perfectly for a conscious transition from one year to the other.

I´m someone who´s very aware that we can change our lifes every minute, if we choose so. But time has also a quality, why the concepts of timelines seems much more real to me than time as a given in a linear sense. I can sense energies  and my conclusion is:

a) There exist something like cosmic “weather”, energetic conditions  that influence you somehow. That´s why astrology is a scientific artform.

b) Another timeline has another “taste” of energies. You match your timeline through vibration. Sometimes we change them very often in just one day.

Paracelsus called Astrology “the queen of arts”. And that is true, as reading the signs, knowing about the weather is very helpful. But now we see even that there is the possibility to go quantum, to give intend and tune into a frequency of joy or love, to choose a timeline that we enjoy more.

Let´s use that to make a good transition from 2016, the year of endings, to 2017, the year of new beginnings. Here are three steps, that might be helpful for you:

  1. Be grateful for all. I´m using the retro mercury and the capricorn new moon to go inside and I´m making a list of all I´ve experienced, that I´m grateful for. Being grateful is very important as it makes us aware of all the blessings we experience and all the beautiful people in our lifes. If you even write it at a piece of paper, it´s almost unbelievable how much blessings we experience in one year. Being grateful brings you also in a good vibration, to bring in more good things and people. I´m also grateful for the not so nice experiences, as they teached me important lessons. I want to be aware of these lessons, to not recreate them.
  2. Let go of the old. The old means all that is no more needful. Be aware, cause it´s not possible to escape your unwanted stuff. As long as you didn´t get the message, learned your lesson, you won´t be able to let go.  Make sure you  found the hidden treasure in your obstacles. Than take the treasure and let go of the obstacle. The cause for the obstacle is always inside of us. A strange pattern or a believe. Some of these believes may look nice, for example that being a kind person fits to a lightworker, but they might harm us. Well if someone is just unconscious, you are waking them up when you are nice and kind. But if someone is so unconscious that he invested deep, deep in darkness and chooses darkness with intend, being nice isn´t the right answer. That´s one of my lessons this year. You may also write down all that is no more needed in your life and for example burn it at the new years eve as a symbol to send it to the light. I also smudge my home at the end of the year, to clean it from all old energies.
  3. Give intend for the future. What is it inside you, that wants to be lived and experienced? Follow your passion, what is it your heart is yearning for? Make contact with your higher self if there is something that wants to show itself now. Write it also down or even create a visionboard, what is really fun. Hang it somewhere you see it often as a good reminder what you really want, while the new year moves on and  a lot of distractions will show up. From my point of view it´s better to write down the feeling you want to experience, for example “Love” or “Abundance”. Don´t insist it has to be Peter Brown or Betty Smith that has to give you this feeling. And letting abundance or love into your life in a thousand different ways is a much better experience. That won´t exclude Peter Brown and Betty Smith, if they feel the same for you. It will just make your life much richer and fulfilling to choose the energetic taste you want in your life and not care too much about the details. Hand it to your Higher Self and the Devine Service Team.

Wishing all of you a beautiful, joyful and abundant experience while crossing the markers of the years. I´m wishing you lots of love and celebration! May you feel happy and blessed!

Shine your light!